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Thread: Verdict on the Dry24/7

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    Default Verdict on the Dry24/7

    well my massive shipment got here today...oh what am i going to do with 200+ a storage shed lol!

    if this is the Rolls Royce of diapers then depends is like a ford pinto.

    some pros...

    -quiet plastic (still crinkly but soft)
    -MEGA thick....I sat down on my hardwood floor and the padding acted as a shock absorber
    -very discreet shipping..until I accidentally ripped a huge hole in one of the boxes while getting them home...

    -Tapes are kinda temperamental. I had to do the duck tape thing
    -back of the diaper rides VERY high.
    -if you have a gut(even a slight one like me), this produces a loose fit.

    overall....blown away...totally speechless.

    Abena....prepare for a diaper fight.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That sounds pretty good except for the tapes. There are few things worse than a diaper where the tapes won't stay put. I've ound that the Molicare fasteners are pretty reliable.

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    yeah.. I just cut a piece of duct tape to go over the tapes

    I like a snug fit... so yeah....

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    I had the same problem with the tapes initially, but over time I realized how to position them so that they stay put. Also, make sure you get them in a good place on the first try. The bottom layer tapes will not stick if you try to move them. If you have to adjust, make sure to only use the top layer tape.

    Also, combined with the Abena bodystocking (which you can get from XP Medical) they stay put really well and just feel amazing.

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    oh... one more thing

    Discreetness--- thickness may be the only issue. They are fairly quite, even when wet.

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    I've never had problems with tapes except for on Depends Adjustables, which were just sticky tapes.
    The ones I have on my current diapers are more like velcro, but they latch anywhere on the diaper and even my sheets.
    They hold pretty well.

    Also congrats! I wish I had 200+ diapers.

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    yeah.. Storing them is going to be a real big issue...of course discreetness is not an issue here. I filled up BOTH my diaper drawers with the first case of 72. I have a big plastic box too, that I filled up with the other case of 72.

    and I have one case left, and nowhere to put it. Methinks I am going to just keep it in the box and put it up in the garage storage. The packages are sealed so moisture wont be an issue.

    When UPS arrived, they guy wheeled them in on a dolly.....HA!

    all in all... a GREAT DEAL!

    now.. if I can only nail that calculus test tomorrow....

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    How much did they all cost? I can only dream of getting something like that on my door step.

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    $225 for 216 diapers

    Anyways... an update... I have just changed into a new diaper for bedtime. The old one i put on at 8:30am and I just removed it at 7:00pm. No leaks whatsoever(this was the one that had an additional 2 liters of water added). It still held up to about 3 more heavy wettings. Although it did not leak, the weight of the wet diaper was making it sag.

    all in all... a great purchase.

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