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Thread: jumping in puddles

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    Default jumping in puddles

    heya guys/girls. i was walking back from tennis pratice tonight and i was having a lot of fun jumping in the puddles.

    i was wondering if anyone else also dos this, if so do they try not to do when people are around.

    coz i feel embarressed doing it when people are around. but when im on my own i love jumping in puddles.

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    Power to you I love the idea of doing stuff like that, kicking through mountains of autumn leaves, having a bit of a skip in my stride but alas, I too get hung up on how others will judge me....WTF who give a continental if I want to do these things, I get really jealous when I see completely uninhibited toddlers just having fun. Message to self... Jump in more puddles

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    Default Re: jumping in puddles

    I haven't done that in a long time, but sometimes will jump on and off of curbs when walking our crossing the street. Have done it with birth friends and family around to see.

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    Jumping in puddles is really fun ^_^ I only like to do it though when I have the shoes for it and when nobody is watching hehe, I love jumping up and down curbs too, I generally love jumping haha.

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    I do not know just how to say this but you guys are the puddle, I mean that I would just love to just jump into were you are in life, on don't get me wrong I would love to be that kid again but it is so nice just to see that you kidos are that kid again, I wish that I could sit and watdh you guys jump in the puddles, I wish every one that I meet could be a darling as all of you stay gold

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    For me it isn't who judges me, because I am weird, I will not do anything AB/DL in public for I do not want the public to judge me, but splashing in puddles, yeah who cares what people think, the only reason I don't do it, is I don't want to get wet.

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    That is a good reason... I am a DL, but have explored a little bit of my ab side. I too do not do anything AB in public, but ocassionally wear padding outside my place.

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    puddles are even more fun when covered with a thin layer of ice - then you can lift the puddle like a window and throw it to the ground = f-u-n!!!!

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    It's been a cold winter where I live so every day when I walk home from work I get to crunch ice. Sometimes it's really thick so you really have to stomp. Ice crunching is one of the best parts of a Canadian winter.

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    Why not. It seams to me that letting the inner child out once in a while is health. Everything really doesn't have to be AB/DL. Kick a rock or can while you walk, let a snow flake land on your tongue, Lay on a lawn in the spring and look at the clouds. Are you being judges or enviyed?

    I guess the best way to say it is QTIP (Quiet taking it personally)

    THe other thing that anybody cant judge ME for and thats my memmories. THE joke is on them, 'cause I DONT HAVE TO SHARE THEM and nobody can make me ;p

    When my cousen and I where "caught" covered in mud and exhausted from playing in the puddles we got taken down to the basement a got a nice warm bubblly bath is the concreet laundery sink, clean warm cloths, a HOME MADE cookie and then sent in for a nap. Face it it dont get any better then that!

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