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Thread: 2009 AB/TB/DL/Furry Wish List

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    Talking 2009 AB/TB/DL/Furry Wish List

    Not too early to be thinking about it. What would you wish to have next year that you don't have now? Maybe a different diaper type, a new plushie or other toy, a bottle or paci, or perhaps some furry accessories. What's on your wish list for 2009?

    For me, I'd like to try the improved Goodnites. Maybe even order a sample pack of one of the nicer diaper brands recommended here. I'd also love to get started on carving a glider rocking horse, complete with genuine pony tack. Finally, I'd like a chance to nap in our old baby crib with my blankie or eat meals in a highchair.

    Funny, the other day I was eating lunch at the table and part of my sandwich missed the plate and dropped on the floor. My wife shook her head and said, "Am I going to have to put you back in a highchair?" I know she was 100% joking, but she'll never know how appealing the thought was to me. Maybe I need to be sloppy with my food more often? JK


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    I wanna faux fox tail =P and a red panda plushie there sooo cute ^^

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    Hmm...I would have to say I want a couple of dresses, and more onesies, and tons more plushies ^^

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    A daddy
    a Nuk 5
    Improve my arm warmers/claws
    yeah that's about it oh oh and some clothes from Privatina

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    I went to Toys R Us yesterday with my wife and showed her the plushie I want. It was a golden retriever. While she was looking at baby clothes for our grandson, she said, "Don't you want to go look at the plushies?" So I did. We also found this really neat one for grandson. It's a dog and when you squeeze his paw he sings Bingo.

    Anyway, I also think I would like a comforter with animals on it. I think I could get away with that. Beyond that I am also getting a 1/32 scale car racing set. I've always wanted one since I was a kid. I could play with it and my other grand son. He's 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    We also found this really neat one for grandson. It's a dog and when you squeeze his paw he sings Bingo.
    Dogboy, I remember that kid's song we used to sing.
    BINGO Lyrics You probably remember it really well, too.


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    Let see... in my head, I designed a footed sleeper which also was a light fursuit. It had stuffed paws for the feet and paws mittens, and a tail. I also was thinking about a hood that was detachable which could be pulled over to form the head, if the wearer so desired.

    If I could have an Item like that, it would be truely awesome =3

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