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Thread: I just hallucinated a creature from a recurring nightmare in the real world... should I sleep?

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    Default I just hallucinated a creature from a recurring nightmare in the real world... should I sleep?

    I was just talking to my friend in the hallway of my dorm and I saw, for way longer than a second, a creature from one of my recurring nightmares peeking around the corner at the end of the hall. I looked long enough to make my friend look in the direction where I saw it too. Kinda creeped out, this is one of the nightmares that still scares me.

    Guess I'll stop studying for the night...

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    Sorry, I was tired last night and put this in the wrong board. Intended for off-topic.

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    Here's hoping after a good night's sleep that imaginary critters are staying where they are supposed to.

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    One of sleep deprivation's side effects is hallucinations. If your brain is under pressure, which considering you're studying I'd imagine it is, then it makes perfect sense. I wouldn't worry and stress over it, this'll make it worse. Just try and remember your limitations and correct bad habits such as ridiculously late night revising or essay writing! You are, after all, only human.

    PS: If this continues while you're not tired, and under less stress please DON'T HESITATE in consulting your local GP. The chance of this happening is minute (that's my-nyoot not min-it!) though dude ;3.

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    Well...guess it sorta depends...did the friend see anything when they looked in the same direction? Was there a 'person' there? Have you been watching "Grimm"? (I am and it's awesome, btw)

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    Nah, It's hard for me to describe what the thing is because how it looks is always so vague in my dreams, except for its face. It's never a constant appearance, but it usually appears as a human-shaped, although more blob like or blurry, black figure. Its face can be one of many unsettling white masks, which are usually easy to see. As most of these dreams are spent running from said creature, I never get a very good look at it. They usually start the same, I'm close to it and we're facing each other. I don't remember what he looks like and I start running.

    Anyway, that's what peeked at me. It bothers me that there is no corner where he was peeking at me from, just a window. It was like he was half in the wall and vanished when I saw him.

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    Once, when I was in college and at my best friend's house, I saw Magilla Gorilla in his family room shooting pool. This was the late 60's so you can figure out the rest...teehee.

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    First, get some sleep.

    Second, are you on any prescription medications? Certain medications, particularly psychoactive medications, DO NOT play nice with lack of sleep. I used to have crazy hallucinations when I combined a lack of sleep with adderall.

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    I say it would be advisable to adopt a more regular sleep schedule.

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