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Thread: Bringing up *B/DLism with Psychologist..

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    Default Bringing up *B/DLism with Psychologist..

    I've been considering this for awhile, but I want to know what you guys would do.

    I have a Psychologist I see every now and then. I've known him since I was at least 11 or 12, which is when I first became his patient.

    Recently though, I've been wanting to tell SOMEBODY about me being a DL. And what better a person to tell than your Psychologist.

    What I want to know is have any of you thought the same thing, or even built up the guts and talked about it to your Psychologist (granted you have one)

    I know if I brought it up he wouldn't do something like laugh or make fun of me, but even knowing that I am still scared out of my mind.

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    It depends on the psychologist...Some might see it as some mental disorder, while others will see it as the fetish it is...If you want to tell him, then be prepared for questions he may ask...You may want to print out some articles that show it's not some perverted pedophilia type fetish

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    He is a very understanding person (or at least he seems like one) and his specialty in his Profession is dealing with children and adults who were victims of child abuse, so I'm sure he'd try and find a correlation between the two.

    I just can't understand why it's so hard for me to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miles View Post
    I just can't understand why it's so hard for me to ask.
    Because it's probably one of your deepest and darkest secrets...And the first time telling someone is the worst...I remember doing it, and it was online...This will be in person...Now I don't want to make you feel more nervous than you probably are, but I can't even imagine how nervous you are...

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    Well at the moment I'm not that nervous, but the last few times I've seen him I was extremely nervous. I couldn't even get the guts to tell him.

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    My psychologist(PhD..not a therapist) was very interested in what i had to say when I told him.. We discussed and analyzed the vagaries of the fetish. All in all the session ended with him telling me "I am glad you decided to tell me this"

    i think if you get a negative response, in effect telling you that you have major problems... go see someone else.

    so that's 4/4 positive responses i have gotten from people I have told. -1 against negativity!

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    I have done a million psychologist thread before because I have had lots of expeirance with different ones when I was a teen. If you wish to see my detailed views on them just look for other recent threads about telling a psychologist. Just to make it short and sweet, here are some things to acknowledge and consider before you tell him...

    -Just because you have known him for like 6 years, does not mean he will understand at any amount at all, just means he will be more willing to listen to what you have to say before he responds with his accepting response or or unaccepting response.

    -All psychologists are different, it depends on their professional level (bachelors, masters, or doctors), past patient expeirances, and most of all personality on how he will react

    -Be aware he could act badly by trying to "cure" you, in that case RUN AS FAST YOU CAN TO A NEW PSYCHOLOGIST! Specially if this cure involves medicine or hypnosis (which psychologists tried on me in the past)

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    its funny...not to be gross or whatever. My mothers gynecologist kinda always asks about family issues. She told him that I was going to a psychologist for treatment. The first thing he told her was to absolutely avoid anyone who DID NOT have a PhD in Psychology. His reasoning was that practically anyone can become a certified therapist...which requires very little training in order to be certified.

    Since I see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist, I always like to have them evaulate what the other one does....kinda like checks and balances

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    Well from his personality, he seems very accepting.
    I'm pretty sure I've told him some darker secrets before in my life, but I can't remember what they were.

    Also he isn't the type that can prescribe me medication and from how he's been telling me to deal with depression and stress, I highly doubt he is into hypnosis.

    Thank you for the warning though.

    Edit: Just looked into my Psychologist's background, and apparently he specializes in Anger Management and not Child Abuse like I thought.

    I might not tell him after all..

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