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    If you could turn any baby brand diaper into an adult size what would it be?

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    Pampers cruisers

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    luvs <3

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    luvs <3

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    In vintage cloth: Curity Day/Night gauze prefolds from the 1970's/80's (Got lots of the baby kind, though -- for stuffers. Man are they ever soft!)

    In modern cloth: Green Mountain twill prefolds (Changing Times / Rearz are awfully close, but I want the babyish thread colors!)

    In vintage disposables: Pampers Phases for Her (girl's kind -- thick pink padding) from the late 1980's. These were the first Pampers I bought for myself as a teen.

    In modern disposables: Pampers Baby Dry (Adult disposables need big stretchy wings like these!!)

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    For daytime I would like pampers cruisers and for overnight underjams would be good for disposables,
    for cloth I would like to see the curity gauze diapers in an adult size.

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    I have to agree but I'd want the old style 1990-2000 era plastic backed type.

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    I would love to see pampers cruisers scaled up to adult sizes. However any big name baby diaper scaled up would be an improvement over the adult ones you can buy in the store.

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