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    I've liked diapers since I was young. I've never really been able to trace why, or what event lit the spark that became desire. Now I'm grown, married and have children. My wife knows I like them and has worn for me a couple of times, (it was awsome!) but has a hard time getting into it because she deals with kids diapers all day long. I really don't blame her at all.

    I read stories from this site until I reached my limit, then signed up and read till I reached my time limit and became a lurker, which sounds creepy, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to post an intro.

    I'm not really into the baby thing, I just like diapers.

    Aside from this I like math, basketball, the outdoors, web design, reading (lots of reading) and being a dad.

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    Just being nosey here so don't feel like you must answer, but do you wear diapers too? Or you just like them on other people?

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    Both, My wife doesn't really think it's all that hot to see me in them so I've only worn with her once. Besides, seeing her in them is quite satisfying! But I do like to wear when I'm alone.

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