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Thread: Wheelchair user needing diaper/pad which is best?

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    Default Wheelchair user needing diaper/pad which is best?

    Hi, basically i'm 21 years old & i have a muscle wasting disease which means i cant stand or walk & use a powered wheelchair to get around. I'm going to be in a show with my drama group & we're going to different theatres to perform. The problem for me is that i am unable to toilet myself & public "disabled toilets" are of no use to me as most of them have no hoist or changing bed. I've bought these Tena Super Pull Ups & i'm wondering how much do they hold? Each day i'm probably going to be out for about 10 hours. I can hold my bladder easily for 6-7 hours so i'll probably only need it to hold one wetting. Will it hold do you think? Also how long before it starts to smell? Thanks!

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    They'll do for one or two wettings depending on how much urine you actually produce during these wettings. Urine smells less when it is diluted so I would say stay hydrated but that comes with the catch 22 of more water=more urine and that would mean that you'd want something better than what you have. They won't smell so bad at first but after a while enough ammonia would have broken down for it to become more noticeable, especially if you're in them for 3-4 hours without chaging. Also beware of diaper rash because staying in wet diapers for long periods of time without changing or any kind of barrier to the skin (powder and cream should be more than enough) you run the risk of getting a nasty rash.

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    Thanks for that. What would you suggest would be better than the Tena Super pull ups?

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    Order Secure X-Plus, google them. I wear full time for medical purpose, and they'll last me 12 hours with a stuffer, 9 hours without, and I'm active - usually drinking a lot.

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    Thanks I'll have a look at those. Sorry if this sounds dumb but what's a stuffer?

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    A stuffer is extra absorbent material in a non waterproof wrapper, that you place in the diaper to give it exta capacity.
    Also known as boosters.

    As for diapers I would suggest getting the plastic backed Abena diapers from xpmedical
    Gary is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

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    Not sure how useful this is but check out the changing places campain. A quick google will bring up their website.

    Basically they are pushing for decent changing rooms so people can have nice changing rooms, with hoists and proper changing benches. I have looked after a friend in a wheelchair and have used them and they normally have showers, electric hoist and a full size adjustable changing bench/table.

    There website has a map on it so you can find them fairly easy, most open with a normal RADAR key.

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    Not to discourage you from getting diapers if you like, but the other option is a "texas catheter" and a leg bag. A friend of mine in a powered chair uses those. He's had me "unclamp" the drain side for him a few times.

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