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Thread: Abena M4's: am I too big?

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    Default Abena M4's: am I too big?

    So I ordered a sample pack of Abena M4's from bambino, as their medium sizing said 28-40 inches. Now I can fit into size 28-29 jeans comfortably, but a size 30 is a bit too big. Think these will work out for me? I'll probably be trying tonight. Anyone else ever run into this?

    EDIT: Darn, sorry about the title. I meant to say am I too SMALL....
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    I have found the Abena mediums are a little on the large side compared to other mediums. You might be able to fit in them though I am slightly larger than you and found them to be kinda big. In the future, you may want to also look into trying the small sizes. There are still some plastic-backed varieties such as Tena Slip Maxi, Molicares.

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    I'm a 36 waist, 5'-11" 175lb and the M-4s fit me very well while still having plenty of adjustment room smaller or larger. I think you will fit fine in them. In medium diapers the Tenas I tried ran big and Tranqulity ATNS & Eurobriefs are a bit small. I am becoming a big fan of the Euros from Northshore as they hold a ton, have rear elastic, a soft plastic cover, don't get that "Abena smell and have tapes that really hold. With your slim build I'd bet they fit well. Their only drawbacks are, they size a bit small and the padding can clump & shift a bit after a hard days night but not as bad as some other brands.
    I hope you enjoy your M-4s!

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    Abenas are little larger in their size ranges. But great over night diaper for me.

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    Not to purposely necro this, but I figured I'd give an update. They seem great, but dayyyum were they big on me... So now I'm going with small Tena-Slip Maxis, lets see how rounding down goes!

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    Updates are cool, I came back here to see how you did. Going to a different size in a different brand isn't good science, changing two variables in one experiment. The point of my and some other replies is sizing is not standard among brands, one's small is bigger than another's medium. It would be good to hear your opinion on Abena's S-4, perhaps you can get a sample pack from XP or Northshore Care.

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    I have a 40 inch waist (lately) I don't have problems with M4s or M2s

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    A lot of it also depends on your thigh width. If you have "biker thighs" for example, your waist size will have nothing at all to do with what size diapers you need, if you want to have any chance of the lower tapes reaching the front.

    I have a bit of a "geek gut" and fit comfortably into 38" jeans and belt, with some overhang if you know what I mean. For me, M4 barely reach on the lower tapes, and I do a light amount of biking. If you are below 36", unless you have some thick thighs, you'll be ok with M4's.

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    The geek gut is the killer! Waist wise I should be able to fit into most medium brands, but due to the overhang and my Irish thighs push me into larges. Can't get the bottom tapes on otherwise.

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    Your exactly my waist size. Diffidently get the S-4, you will not regret it =D

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