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    Default pullups

    i was wondering if there was a "size chart" for the regular kids pullups.
    i have a 35-40 inch waist and was wondering which size (if any) would fit me.
    i mainly want it due to the princess pullups hehe.

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    They won't fit you. They don't even fit people with 30 inch waists. I would say 24in is the minimum.

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    don't i know it I have some cluttering my stash that i'd love to wear. You can kind of fashion them together if you're patient, they don't hold much though (not that that's surprising!)

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    We all wish this was true, but it just wont happen...

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    I have a 40 waist and tried it doesn't work. the smallest diaper i can wear is l/xl goodnites.

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    I can fit my way into the Huggies Pullups. It's tough, but doable at waist 32''

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    You can extend the sides with the velcro sides of another Pull-Ups, but it won't rise enough for proper protection, it can work, I do it from time to time just for the thrill of wearing them, you can wet them but they won't hold too much at all, I would never ever trust theses as a working protection at all, but they are fun to wear sometimes even if the rise is ridiculously down there.

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    I wish I could fit in pullups but I can't.

    I have to use adult size diapers instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverpower View Post
    I can fit my way into the Huggies Pullups. It's tough, but doable at waist 32''
    Yikes, I'd say I'm about waist 34 right now and there's no way in hell I could fit in those things by default. You'll do yourself an injury if you're not careful haha!

    'no doctor, I don't know how I got all these dead-blood cells around my waist and upper thighs...!'

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