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Thread: Rearz cloth diaper - in store experience

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    Default Rearz cloth diaper - in store experience

    I just got back from an in store experience with Rearz in Kitchener, Ontario.
    Rearz Inc - Baby + Adult Cloth Diapers, DivaCup and more

    I know there have been some reviews about their site and people ordering online, but I haven't read of others going to the store. Anyways, I noticed online that they now have a physical store (its basically part of a warehouse), so I made a trip to it. Before going, I sent an email asking if they had many incontinence supplies in stock, and got a quick reply saying they had many.

    Through emails and in the store Julie, the owner, was very helpful. When I got to the store Julie walked me through all the adult diapers they had (they had prefolds, pull ups, and snap ons, and various types of plastic pants, mutli-coloured and some with baby prints - I assume she is ab/dl aware). I eventually made a choice on 2 prefolds, a snapon, and a pair of flannel backed plastic pants. They are a little pricey, the total fee was about $80.

    There were a couple of times when she was explaining various products that she made comments like "when I've tried them..."etc. I didn't prod more asking her about wearing, but I assume she has at least tried some of the products out.

    If you're in the Kitchener area and are interested in purchasing some cloth diapers or fun plastic pants I recommend checking the store out. I would recommend contacting her ahead of times about available products and when the store/warehouse will be opened.

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    Tell us how they work out. I have been aware of rears for a while but don't know how they compare to other cloth diapers. I would hope they would be worth the extra money.

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    I've always used disposables (these are my first cloth diapers), so I don't have a comparison to others. I believe there are more complete reviews in other threads by people with experience with a range of cloth diapers. From what I understand it will take a few washings for them to completely fluff up.

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    That's cool. I'd love to check out a store like this in person.

    Regarding the products: The Rearz prefolds are exactly the same as the Changing Times prefolds -- manufactured by Ashar. They're my favorite adult cloth diapers. Only Rearz sells the snap-on diapers, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by canadarocks1985 View Post
    From what I understand it will take a few washings for them to completely fluff up.
    Yeah, I'd wait until you've cycled them at least three times before you decide you know how they're going to look/feel/fit. They'll shrink quite a bit and take on a very quilted appearance. I have more than a dozen of these prefolds (in various sizes) and a couple of the snap-ons, and it's been my experience that they shrink noticeably up until around the sixth wash (!), so give 'em some time. I love this twill fabric, though.

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    This is great news! Now I have a reason to go visit my annoying cousin in KW!

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