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    Hey all anyone know some good and fun widgets I can download that is not a clock, battery monitor, news app or weather. I have a lot of unused space I want to fill uu

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    If you're a bronie, DEFINITELY get My Little Pony Widget by VeoN It has tons of ponies to choose from and you can create your own quotes for them to say too which is actually pretty fun. FYI, this is on my Nexus 7 tablet and all aps were obtained from Google Play Store. To create the custom quotes, my device is rooted so I found the text file created by the app to put custom quotes in and manually put the quotes in the file with a text editor. There's probably an easier, built in way to do it, but it really isn't that bad. You should also check out HD Widgets by Cloud.TV and Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studio

    However these last two are pretty utilitarian (so they're helpful), but boring. Personally, I don't use too many widgets myself for this very reason, but I'm sure there's got to be some other good ones out there.

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    The MLP one is just the kinda thing im looking have a pony on ever page now but there is still alot on space i could fill. I can't understand why there is not more things like that on the play store. I seen the HD and beautiful widgets before but that is still just more clocks and weather.

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