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    Default Greetings from Greece

    Hi guys! Nice to meet you!

    It's obvious that I'm here because it is very difficult to find people (especially in Greece) who have a "secret fascination" like diapers. I do love diapers as everyone around here, so I'm not going to mention that fact further on.
    Instead I'm gonna tell you that I'm studying International Hospitality Management hoping to work in several countries. Traveling is my dream since I was a kid. My parents travel a lot so most of the times I go with them. But for the last 2 years, I just pick a destination and vroommm I'm there without having to tag along with my parents.
    Except from reading books (If you see me I'm always with a book in hand), most of my interests are still a bit of childish, like watching anime or playing video games. Sometimes, if I can find a "worthy" opponent, I might play some chess or Go (Japanese board game).
    I'm definitely not the type who will go out with her friends every single night to drink and dance BUT when I do go out, you should be ready... cause we will be dancing all night long.

    Thant's all folks. :P
    I am glad to join you. Hope we can have fun.


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    Welcome to the site! I don't find anime to be childish, I still like to watch it and know many adults that enjoy it still! I too am a fan of the video games, what do you like to play?

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    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    I've played a lot of video games so I better name my favorite ones... Assassin's Creed, Diablo, Devil May Cry (Ohh I'm in love with this game), God of War, Batman Arkham Asylum & City, Hitman, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Dante's Inferno, SmackDown, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Tekken, One Piece Pirate Warriors and of course Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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