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    Any advice for buying a woman's bodysuit, as far as sizing, proportion, or other issues goes?


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    I have a few and have found 3 issues..
    1) women's clothing varies in size at least as much as men's, so mine vary from UK size 14 to size 18 for equal actual size clothing items...
    2) height. If you are over 5ft 9ish, look for items from 'tall' ranges as they can otherwise be a bit tight through the groin area simply due to torso length.
    3) hips. some bodysuits are straight up/down (good) and others taper into the waist (good) but then taper back out for the hips (bad) meaning that the cloth around you hips and bum gets loose, even if tight through legs due to the above height issue.

    Best one I have found is actually the men's doreanse thong bodysuit.

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    If you go to a site like GK Gymnastics pay close attention to the size guide and measurement suggestions. GK happens to be one of my favorite leotard companies. The other is Snowflake Design they are a California company that has grown from her garage.

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    Best bet is just give them your measurements- chest waist hip and girth(shoulder through crotch to shoulder) and let them decide.
    Dance shops are the best. DOnt hide your real size or gender, on stage every one dresses as every one so they wont bat an eyelid, and you'll end up with a better fit.

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