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Thread: Abena Pull Ups!!!

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    Talking Abena Pull Ups!!!

    I received my package about eight hours ago from xpmedical, which consisted of a case of small abena abri-form x-plus and three sample abena medium pull ups! I have never tried the pull ups before and have never even heard of someone who has anywhere! So I was sooo excited to try them, caus I am a pretty big abena fan. Anyways when I put it on, I fell in love almost immediatly. It is the best pull up ever, I would say I like it equally as much as the abri form x plus.

    When I tried the pull up on I pulled it up as high as it would go bring the waist to the bottom of my rib cage haha, so I folded it down twice. Making it just about a half inch below my belly button. After adjusting the legging elastic it felt soooo comfey and snug! Plus it was very thick, the thickest pull up ever by far. I even went out in it for a couple of hours then went in it on the way home standing. Decided to absolutly flood it, I was on my way home so I did not care if I leaked even though it was freezing out tonight!!! So it held it all and I went a lot without stopping or slowing. These are very impressive, even when I sat down in my car to drive home nothing pressed out.

    I wore it for about an hour and a half so I could go in it again and test it to the limit, and I went a second time standing (did not go as much as before but did not hold back when I released), then laid down on belly after I finished to see if any would leak out. Nothing leaked! So I went one big wetting (like 25 second pee of steady stream) then like a 8-12 second steady stream with not one drop of leakage!

    I might think about investing in a case of these in the future. I would suggest them to anyone else as well. Specially if you want a comfortable (very cottony soft inside and plastic outside the padding but frilly elestic on sides and around top waiste), discreet, super absorbant diaper.

    Has anyone else tried these? If so what was your opinion?

    If you have not tried them then would you try them from reading this review?

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    How much do they cost, and are they silent?
    They sound like something I'd like to look into.

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    XP Medical - Pull Up Disposable Protective Underwear

    They are the top ones. They are a little pricey but worth it I think. I do not know why they oly give them 2 and a half drops, I would give them AT LEAST 3 out of five, probably more like 3 and a half.

    EDIT: I can't believe its been almost two days since I posted this and no one has really cared about these, except one person. You all are missing out on a really fun pull up.
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    sounds interesting. id rather wear pull-up style diapers anyway, and these sound legit. ill order sum tomorrow, im tired

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    Eh...I would say no, because I prefer actual diapers, because I love it when my diapers are tight, and pullups just don't cut it in that category.

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    hmmm they sound like a half decent pull-up, well if i ever do get around to ordering ill have to order some of these aswell.

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    Eh...I would say no, because I prefer actual diapers, because I love it when my diapers are tight, and pullups just don't cut it in that category.
    This pretty much summarizes my feelings on the subject, normal ones always. (Almost always.)

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    *sigh* I wish I had the money to buy something like that.

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    Sometimes pullups are nice when you font get a chance to wet it, but don't want to waste it, or risk tearing the plastic or unstickifying the tapes. I would try these. Thanks for the great review! ;]

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGrizzy View Post
    Eh...I would say no, because I prefer actual diapers, because I love it when my diapers are tight, and pullups just don't cut it in that category.
    Actually these pull ups are some of the tightest I have ever worn, and I have tried a lot of different pull ups. If you pull them up as high as they go then roll/fold down the waist twice then wear pants over it with a belt, it holds it so tight in place. It is truely on amazing pull up!

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