Hi everyone!

I'd like to outline my vision for ADISC in 2013.

As far as I see it, the primary goals for ADISC in 2013 are:

(1) Focus on being a Support Community

ADISC was created to be a support community for AB/DLs and incontinent folk.
In 2013, I would like to refocus us on this core goal.
This means that our site's structure will make this goal more visible.
Examples: we may change our logo to make our purpose clearer, we may add new forums/groups tied to this goal, etc.

(2) Grow

ADISC typically grows between 15% and 100% (doubling in size) each year.
Last year, we grew about 30%, but lost that when we went 18+.
This year, I'd like us to grow at least 30% again.

(3) Reshape Staff and Management

I would like to add more staff, concentrating on the challenges we expect to face in future, rather than the ones we have faced in the past.
I would also like to tweak the way staff and members interact. Specifically, I want to make better use of members' knowledge, improve member outreach (e.g: have a reliable newsletter) and improve member involvement in the running of ADISC.

(4) Technology Adaptation

There are several opportunities in terms of technology over the next year.
The most important one is mobile. We will continue to look for ways to expand support for mobile - ie: using ADISC on your phone or tablet.
The second most important one is our technology in general. We have been running on the same basic software for several years, and I feel it is time for us to review and evaluate potentially switching to a completely different platform.

(5) System Reform

There are several age-old features on ADISC which have served us well, but which are now several years old. I would like to look at potentially updating them.
Examples include the rep system, the leveling system, and the (currently shelved) identity verification system. All of these have been tweaked over the years, but really need a ground-up review. I would like to do that this year, potentially resulting in large-scale changes to these features.
Obviously, since each of these features is designed with a specific social purpose (measuring the quality of contributions to the site, rewarding people for quality contributions, preventing people from misrepresenting who they are), there will likely be substantial discussion on the social impact of any changes.