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Thread: People Who Know Your'e an AB

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    Default People Who Know Your'e an AB

    Does anyone else regret the fact that you told someone or that they found out you were an AB? Sometimes I feel like certain relationships have changed too much and it makes me uncomfortable.

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    i have had a lot of luck with slowly opening up. i would say if anything my friends and family and have gotten closer, but like i said i got lucky.

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    I told my Mother, Aunt, And my best friend and his fiance about a month ago... Things have been great since. Just tonight told a group of about 10 friends and everyone was cool. All the women ate it up (as did i lol. Got some cuddle time) lol, even found out about a couple pantie and shoe fetishes the guys have lmao! Some seemed like they have heard/talked about it before. I feel a lot better now, truly nothing to hide now! All of my anxiety about my ab side has truly been in "my" head. Go for it. Your definately not the only one like this. You embrace it, your true friends/family will too.

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    I have been very fortunate on this so far. (I posted about it not long ago.)

    But I OFTEN regret it. Not because of anything that anyone ever does, but because of the anxiety of them POSSIBLY doing something they have no reason to or I have no reason to think they will.

    I was furious with a friend recently, and he texted a smart alec comment about pacifiers. I choose to not respond. I think things are OK for now.

    As someone who is in leadership in school, and looking to higher elected positions for next year, it is always on the back of my mind.

    It is extremely uncomfortable no doubt. But what matters is how I feel about it. I don't like it, it complicates things, but it does make me unique and gives me advantages. While it is hard for me to find someone to 'be in love' with per say, it does allow me constant girl cuddles because they are never afraid of me taking advantage of them.

    It has ups and downs.

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    I started dating this girl I really liked almost 18 years ago and decided to tell her when things got serious! We will have our 16th anniversary this year. So glad I told her! We play some and sometimes she wonders why I'm not diapered more often! It's been a huge blessing finding her! Haven't told anyone else though.

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    I have told people, and had it go both good and bad. Being an AB is not something sexual for me which makes it a little harder for me to explain. When I told my fiance about it she freaked out at first, not that I blame her. I didn't do a very good job of explaining nor was I prepared to, so most of her info came from a Google search while we were texting about the diapers and binky she found in my room Eventually she did come around though she still struggles with it on occasion. A few of my friends know, most were indifferent about it. My two best friends know and are accepting, they have even colored or watched cartoons with me sometimes. I do feel like its changed things between us, there are times when I go to them for help or comfort and don't get the response I need. Rather than responding to my more mature side, they seem at least to me to talk down to me like I'm a 4 year old. The whole situation has me confused and frustrated.

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    everyone at my school (lol long story in the court yard getting pantsed, long story short, i yelled "I LIKE DIAPERS!!!"+

    - - - Updated - - -

    everyone at my school (lol long story in the court yard getting pantsed, long story short, i yelled "I LIKE DIAPERS!!!"+

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    I told my SO from college and he was cool with it, but he's quite an amazing person. He does conflict resolution in high schools throughout the country, and he's a Fellow to the Kennedy Center. My wife knows, of course, and accepts me quite well.

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    I've had a couple of SO gf that have known, my current live in gf we've been together for quite some time...

    But, she knows, and sometimes helps me with little projects...

    She has a 9yo son, so this has given me a new idea on building him, and me a fort this summer...

    He's old enough now for that kind of stuff...and well, I'll have fun too...

    If I can get up th energy to do it...

    I still can't do a full Walmart trip, still use a chair most of the time.


    P.s. I do have two friends that know of it...and I really don't care what most people think...but how often does your under where come up...

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    Unfortunately or not, everyone that I really actually.. see more then once a year, knows this about me. Just because I don't have that much in person connections, and the few I do have are the types worth having where I'm close to the person and it becomes something of a, I need to share this part of myself with you. (My interest in it is non-sexual, so it's not seen to me as sharing a sexual desire with a friend, but sharing a personal part of myself that makes me who I am with a friend.)

    Still, if I could I would go back and make sure my parents and siblings other then the one I trust didn't know. Just because.. it's not something they need to know. This is an ideal scenario we are talking about.. I really don't actually regret them knowing. My mom and dad, while kind to me.. have made it obvious they would prefer if I was a 'normal adult'. Just because life would be easier and they would have more in common with me, relate to me more and really be more involved in my life.

    That being said, my life is pretty nice for someone whose entire family and basically all her friends know she is an adult baby. No one is really mean to me, and most people think it's cute on some level. I just really don't try to announce it to people I don't feel should know or would want to know. The only time that happened, really wasn't my fault.. so no regrets!

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