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    Has anyone bought a bodysuit off xpmedial? If so what are your thoughts on it? I just bought mine today it will be here next week

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    I purchased the navy blue onesie (bodysuit) from them and it is by far my favorite. I have only had one prior to this which was the abena onesie which would stretch out easy and you could see the diaper though it so it did not work well for hiding it if your shirt rode up. Their new 4care seem to be more resistant stretching and because it is navy blue you cannot see the diaper through it. It is definitally a good quality onesie.

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    I didn't much care for the 4care bodysuit XP currently sells, but I did find one almost identical to the old Abenas (now discontinued) at SaveExpress, as well as some with patterns.. hope you can figure out German thoairoliver Fix-Body, weiss | Bodys | Airoliver PVC-Slips Bodys diapers | Inkontinenz Mehrweg-reusable | Englisch | | Save Express GmbH I actually think its a bit of an improvement, the arm straps are just a bit wider. they also have other patterns and colors!

    one note, if shipping to the US, UPS takes about a week, DHL takes about 2 and arrives in the mail.. watch it though, if you mess up on the ordering page, it will shoot it back at you with DHL clicked reguardless of your previous selection

    also, with the $ to Euro conversion and shipping (if you get enough of them) they actually come out cheaper than XP ever sold the old Abenas

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    I never got one from xp medical but I might get one to try it. I have got these Baby Onezie for Adults and I like them a lot.

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