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Thread: The Elvis constipation conspiracy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    Elvis lives.
    (he works at our chippy)
    Now I know why he had (sorry, has!) constipation

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    Quote Originally Posted by some1 View Post
    I can't remember where I read this but apparently the coroners report said they found several pounds of a "clay-like substance" in his bowel. Hardly surprising given his infamous diet... all that peanut butter and fried glop...
    Still, he was a product of his upbringing, he can't have been happy in his success to have lived the way he did; poor guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by some1 View Post
    I saw the video and could be true. I found this How Did Elvis Presley Die? - When Did Elvis Die? - Elvis' Death and this Elvis Presley - Biography these are close to the truth. But we won't know until 2027.

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    I saw Elvis in Detroit three years ago at the Greektown- he lives.


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    Elvis's doctor that was interviewed in the article is who Doctor Nick on the Simpsons is based on. Most people assume that it was him overperscribing drugs that killed him. He is trying to clear his name.

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