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    Hey there, I am a confused person. I am here because I thought I was in a serious relationship and that it had a future, but, my love of diapers, and my need to occassionally "regress" to the level of a toddler rendered us "incompatible". UGH. The person I was dating lied to me in the beginning and pretended he was ok with my kinks. This has happened to me before. People will often say, when we're dating, that they don't mind my kinks, but, as time goes on I can see it's not true, as they tire of hiding their disgust of me and my proclivities.

    I feel like I am an "eternal student". Due to my fetishistic interests, I majored in psychology, and will soon have my MA (grad) degree in counseling psych. However, very little of the training related to sexuality and even less to fetishes, which the DSM-IVTR labels via the stigmatizing term, "paraphilias" (NOTE: NOT pedophilia... PARA-Philia, i.e. "love" of a specific thing - Greek I think). So, I am far from understanding myself. Some of my inclinations are certainly related to childhood abuse I suffered, but I don't think an Introduction is the proper place to delve into that. I'm hoping to understand myself more as a result of coming to this site & discussing things.

    As far as my “other interests” go, I am totally into Eastern Philosophy (some Western stuff too), and some kinds of “new age” Spirituality. Yes, people have called me a “flake” or an “airhead” simply for being spiritual, although I can logically reason and defend my views, as well as discuss abstruse and abstract esoteric matters with remarkable ease... oh well!

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    Honestly I think people don't know what they aren't fine with. they think they will be fine with something and then to find out down the road they are not. Plus some people tend to think this is a phase and then expect us to grow out of it. When meeting a guy, always try and make sure they understand this is not a phase and this is part of who you are and it will never go away. Especially if people this this is temporary, they are fine with it but then when it goes on for too long, they are not fine with it anymore. It's not that they are lying.

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