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    Thumbs up aliens colonial marines

    OKAY so who will be getting this game when it comes out feb 12th of this year i know i will ive been waiting for this game to come out for seven years and now it will come to life if you are interested here is a link to the game modes/trailers for the game
    Cinematic Trailer
    Action Trailer (
    Escape Mode Trailer
    Survivor Multiplayer Trailer
    Pre-order Trailer

    and yes the game will be 4 payer drop in drop out co-op

    and there are i think 4 or 5 multilayer game modes
    to see more here is a link to the site and more ^^

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    It looks really epic, but I don't know if I'm gonna get it. After playing AvP3 I feel a little wary about buying another Alien game because it was pretty bad. It wasn't too bad, I had fun in it, but I still felt let down afterwards.
    But Colonial Marines reminds me a lot of Aliens (Alien 2), which is great! I'm not going to preorder it, but I think I'll buy it eventually if the reviews are good

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    I must admit it does look really nice, but then so did aliens vs predator, and that turned out to be a crock. I may still pick it up but not until after I've seen enough to know it's not going to be terrible

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    well think about it it's being made by gearbox and they have made some great games so i going to give this a chance and hope for the best because im sick of cod and halo fans thinking that thats the only great game to play is halo and cod there are many great games and my gut is telling me this will be one of em. i just hope that my years of waiting will be well worth it in the end.

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    I'll probably give it a chance or two... I was a huge fan of AVP2 back in the day, and was a bit excited for the new one that came out a couple of years ago. When I found out it was relative trash, I was understandably disappointed. I'll keep my eyes open for this one, I don't have to like every game in a franchise to stay loyal.

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    Sadly, the reviews on this one ended up being -really- bad. Like, nearly Duke Nukem Forever bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaimiedp View Post
    Sadly, the reviews on this one ended up being -really- bad. Like, nearly Duke Nukem Forever bad.
    Well Gearbox picked it up like they did with DNF. Of course Gearbox lied with all the previews and crap and Randy Pitchford needs to be kicked in the balls again.

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