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Thread: Merry Christmas is offensive?

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    Default Merry Christmas is offensive?

    So, it seems to come up every year. And, every year I'm just as baffled. It seems that some people are offended by the words "Merry Christmas."

    Now, you might say that I'm not offended because I'm a Christian. But, I'm not offended if a Jew tells me "Happy Hanukkah", or someone says "Happy Kwanzaa". I may not celebrate them, but I respect those who do.

    Further, many non-Christians also celebrate Christmas. I even had a Jewish friend in high school who celebrated it. And if you don't celebrate it, I can also respect that. But, what I fail to see, is how it's offensive for me to say "Merry Christmas."

    I think that if you are familiar with someone's beliefs, then you should should honor them. For instance, if I know you're Jewish, I should say "Happy Hanukkah" as I can see how it could be construed as offensive to specifically wish a "Merry Christmas" if I know the recipient of the wishes doesn't celebrate it.

    And, I'm not sure about in other countries, but I would say that in the USA, at least most people celebrate Christmas to some degree, whether it be religious or purely secular. So, I think it's reasonable to wish a stranger on the street "Merry Christmas." And, if you happen to not celebrate Christmas, I think one should accept it as a gesture of goodwill. I would do the same if someone wished me well on a holiday that I don't celebrate.

    Now, if you don't celebrate Christmas and you'd rather say, "Happy Holidays" or something along those lines, that's fine too.

    What do you all think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    what I fail to see, is how it's offensive for me to say "Merry Christmas."
    Its not, who told you that? No, anybody who is offended by Merry Christmas that isn't completely insane, is a terrorist.

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    How DARE you post suchthings as "Merry Christmas" on these forums?
    I'm offended.

    ... J/k. People are retarded, what can you do.

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    When I worked in retail I would say 'Merry Christmas!' I had 2 people say back to me 'Happy Hannukah' to which I replied the same. Both times they were fine with it. There's an Islamic church near my friend's house and we used to be putting up Christmas lights around the same time as their church was letting out. Had great conversations with the Imam, he was a great guy and would wish us a Merry Christmas.

    Don't know where I'm going with this, but I find the only people who get offended by "Merry Christmas" have no reason to!

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    I'm sure there is someone offended to it...Although I think people prefer to not say just to be safe...Like it's just safer to say "Happy Holidays" than "Merry Christmas" at like a job or something...Because well it's just on the safe side of things

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    I don't think it's really offensive to many people at all.
    But when the media does it people tend to have a stink over it since mass media is for everyone.

    So it's politically correct to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas in things like advertisements and all that good stuff.

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    I find it odd that if people want to say happy holidays so much then they should not get Christmas off unless they celebrate Christmas. If you hate it so much then you can work on that day and server me a hamburger at Mcdonalds if you work there.

    Also isn't it odd no one complains that everything is closed on Christmas? What if it wasn't a national holiday ad we all had to work I wonder how people would feel then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I find it odd that if people want to say happy holidays so much then they should not get Christmas off unless they celebrate Christmas. If you hate it so much then you can work on that day and server me a hamburger at Mcdonalds if you work there.
    And why can't people simply celebrate in the holiday spirit?

    As far as I've seen it there are idiots on both sides of the fence. Idiot's trying to take christmas out of public displays, and idiots who jumps on those who simply want to just have a happy holiday. People and business's have the right to celebrate publicly they holiday or holidays they wish, as people have the right to simply celebrate A holiday. The entire debate is silly, and pointless. Who the hell cares what its called, its family, free shit, and a day off work. If someone wants to get bitchy on semantics, I have some coal to light you on fire with.

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    I say "Merry Christmas", and I want everyone else to say "Merry Christmas" unless they're saying it directly to someone who is obviously not a Christian (like a Turkish person) - then I guess you can say "Happy Holidays". Reason? There are two:

    (1) Christmas these days is less of a religious holiday than just a common public holidays. The vast majority of people are not religious and couldn't care less if people celebrated the birth of some mystical figure (Jesus) or the day a 111 bags of rice fell over in western China. So "Merry Christmas" is more a general statement to enjoy the holidays and has very little religious meaning any more. And most certainly, people of other religions can and will participate in the non-religious Christmas activities - Christmas food, gift giving and of course having 2 1/2 days off work. It's rather hypocritical to complain about being told "Merry Christmas" but then enjoying 2 1/2 days off.

    (2) Not too long ago, this country was entirely Christian. Christian values is what our society is founded on, and even if people may not be overly religious any more, the values live on. When people of other cultures come to live here, I expect them not to adapt our culture completely, but at least to respect it and to not try to interrupt it. At least people here handle things in the rational way usually follow the way the majority of people will approve of. That's why this whole "politically correctness"-idea never caught on here. So as long as the majority of people celebrate Christmas, people will say "Merry Christmas". And those who don't like it are advised to either ignore it or to be friendly about it. Moaning and complaining will do nothing but trigger a "STFU" and "GTFO"-attitude.

    Oh, and...
    (3) In German, the word "Christ" isn't included in the term "MErry Christmas". Literally, it means "Happy Hallowed Day", so even if you're not Christian, you can still consider it a special day and agree


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    Yup. You may not see it there but it is defently here. Especially the people from the Middle east. Some are kinda enough to say it back but there are some that will say F you right back.

    Even flying the Union Jack or St. Goroges Flag is consided raceist. But yet still live in our conutry.

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