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    I was wondering If any one has played Stepmania, it is a DDR clone. I use my keyboard :p. And this topic was really an Excuse to post this video.

    Anyway, This isn't my best performance, but since I got FRAPS up and runnign, I thought I would give it a shot.

    Not too sure about he pink bits, most of happened when youtube re-encoded the video. Becuase, with the original file that never happened . Also, speaking of pink videos. That happens sometimes on my machine, they play the video in a pink shade. But restting the Refresh rate fixes it? My google results leeds to NVidia graphics card and drivers to blame. Might need to tweak settings...

    Anyway, enjoy the video.
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    Stepmania is awesome. It's the closest I can get to the awesomeness of DDR without having to have a foot pad thingy, and the only way I can be good at something DDR-esque. n.n

    Also, where do you get that theme? Or that song? o.o

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    I love stepmania. I have two versions installed on my computer. One of them is purely for keyboard, the other one is for playing on my feet.

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    I just clocked in a total of 83 Hours play time. As for fetching themes or songs either use google or just go to your general Stepmania Download sites and look around. I got them ages ago, I can't quiet remember where i got them though.

    Video to come soon (in middle of uploading)...
    Here is the Vid
    Its rather distracting knowing that the video is being recorded. But it wasn't laggy managing 40+ FPS.
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    I am sooooo good at it! I can beat anything on Hard and almost anything on Challenging.

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    Yay for an excuse to post a very old video of me playing (I can FC this song without even trying now

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    Heya, this reminds me, does wearing a diaper have a large negative effect on gameplay for real DDR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anon E. Mouse View Post
    Heya, this reminds me, does wearing a diaper have a large negative effect on gameplay for real DDR?
    Maybe they could introduce a 5th arrow color into the game...preferably white arrows. If the white arrow shows up, you have to shake your butt to make your diaper crinkle. Of course you'd need some kind of sensor on your diaper to make sure you follow the instructions on the screen!


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    I used to play all the time when I was in 8th grade on Stepmania Online. Then I got bored of it when the community became extremely elitist.

    I play FFR though and I have a few videos:

    Szamar Madar

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