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Thread: Got my Abri-form Air Pluses in the mail today.

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    Default Got my Abri-form Air Pluses in the mail today.

    I love 'em, plain and simple. They feel nice, they fit well, and I'm not afraid to use them.

    Perhaps my opinion will shift after longer use, though I very much doubt it. They don't feel as fragile as some people put them up to be on this site, and I feel that they retain their original shape better than plastic-backed diapers after long term use. I don't know what y'all are talking about when calling these diapers useless in reference to their strength.

    Feels like some people here are exaggerating.

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    I've used the M3 version of these and have been fairly satisfied. I have got the samples of M4's and was pretty blown away. Prior to this my opinion of cloth-backed diapers were pretty low. I think a lot of people have issue with Abena moving more towards this style and leaving the plastic varieties. I do miss the crinkle factor, but a nice plastic pants can add this back.

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    Default Got my Abri-form Air Pluses in the mail today.

    Forgot to clarify, Abri-form X-plus Air Plus.

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    I tried a sample pack of them last summer. I liked the M2's okay for daytime use in the Texas heat where I live. I found the M4's to thick and uncomfortable
    when wet and had to go out and walk in the heat.

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