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Thread: What do you like best about diapers?

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    Default What do you like best about diapers?

    I like the smell, the feeling, and just lounging around. What about you?

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    i like how they are snuggle around your waist and make you waddle a bit like a real toddler.
    and also the fluff in them and to use your busness in them too.

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    id agree, i love the feeling of being padded up and also the noise

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    The feeling and the smell is what gets to me, <3 my diapers

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    Default Sv: What do you like best about diapers?

    Quote Originally Posted by chuck View Post
    They keep my bed dry at night
    That's is something wary good.

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    Diapers are a turn-on for me, so while I suppose I'd like to answer otherwise, that's really the main thing. Although I don't really think of myself as an AB, I suppose I could say that diapers make me feel "little," in the sense that they often cause me to role-play (not outwardly) in childhood memories of myself and others being diapered, and of later (though still as a child) diapering myself. Though it's seldom that I get to spend a whole day diapered, or that I get to sleep in diapers, I certainly enjoy those opportunities when they come around. In those cases, though the above things are still what compel me to put that first diaper on, the subsequent diaper changes and lack of trips to the bathroom are just... different. And sometimes, depending on my mood, having a different sort of day is the most important thing, regardless of what "different" happens to mean.

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    Peeing in them and not stopping for the bathroom. The nice feeling and comfort of wearing them. The fact they make me happy. Plus I like the soft feeling of cloth diapers.

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    Dont really know..
    I wear cause I then dont have to go to bathroom so often..
    I for some reason also like to touch the plastic

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