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Thread: Carbohydrates are good

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    Default Carbohydrates are good

    Hi all! I've been lurking for a while and thought it's time to introduce myself. I'm a gay male, partnered AB/DL in my 30s. My non-AB/DL interests include music (especially rock and classical), general fitness, and cooking and baking. I particularly like to make pasta, risotto, bread, and chocolatey things. I guess this means I like carbs.

    I'm interested in ADISC for thoughtful general discussion of AB/DL life.
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    Hey Buridan, welcome to ADISC!

    I also love cooking, and have been recently working on expanding my repertoire of italian dishes, including making my own pastas. What's your favourite type of pasta to make? Any tips?

    Hope you have a good time here

    ~ Puppyluvs

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    Hi Puppyluvs, thanks for the greeting!

    One of my favorite styles of pasta for everyday food is a Neapolitan-style minestra with pasta and beans. The name suggests that it's a soup, but you eat it with a fork. You make it by using the exact amount of water needed to cook the pasta and other ingredients. It all gets absorbed, so you don't drain off water at the end. Here's an example:

    Pasta and Lentils (Neapolitan Macaroni and Lentils) | The Food Maven - Arthur Schwartz

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    Carbs are kicking my ass,lol. I laugh, but I am really just mad. I used to wear a size zero. Now nothing fits and I am currently mad at the world. But yes, carbs are delightful. Though, I tend to have more of a problem with sweets. Both are a problem, however.

    Anyway, welcome to the site. :-)

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    Default Carbohydrates are good

    That sounds very tasty.

    Last weekend I got time to do a fair amount of cooking; I made Biscotti, several stromboli, and trofie al pesto genovese.

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