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Thread: What do dogs mean to you?

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    Default What do dogs mean to you?

    Are they just a "pet" or something more? I consider them to be something more than just a pet. Like as id they were my own kids. Consider it weird if you want but Ive grown up with dogs all my life.

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    I think a lot of people feel like that with their pets! I never feel like I 'own' a pet, per say, more like they are living with me

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    It really depends on the emotional strings you've tied to them. I own two dogs, the first we got from a shelter and she grew up with us, bonding really close to me and my mom and sister. I can honestly say I love her, and she feels like a part of my family. Our other dog we took in from some friends after he was falsely accused of being a vicious animal in the town over. Hes.. not a vicious animal, hes a normal animal with very normal animal tendencies. After a month staying with us he tried to climb up the pack ladder by fighting with my other dog. That didn't go very well, and as such I just can't attach personal feelings to him, he is just a pet to me, and I don't think hes developed the ability to get attached to us. An example being if he slips from a leash he just goes, forgetting he had a home, just running freely about. So again I think it depends on your bonds with them, and I guess if they will let themselves develop bonds to you.

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    Thats not so weird at all, my friends and family all wish me a happy fathers day when it comes around, because they know i have 2 dogs and 2 cats, and im not the one who originally called them my 4 legged kids

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    My dog is my best friend.

    If I am bored? Well there is a dog that is ALWAYS willing to play. Come home from a long day? Can always guarantee the dog is happy to see you. No one else in the house? Dogs are more company than most humans. Your dog will never get pissed at you for more than 15 seconds (if you try to comb them or something like that, or do something else they don't like) You will never have to argue with them.

    A dog is unconditional love, companionship, and friendship. When I am away for college I miss my dog 10x more than my parents or siblings. Sad but true.

    Downsides: they can be bed hogs, and sometimes you do have to get work done rather than play with them. Sometimes.

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    While we're talking about dogs (I was gonna make this another topic but nah) but the week before easter will be the first anniversary since our dog Abbe passed away. You could say I'm dogless right now, a void implanted itself in my heart. But I'm sure shes in a better place, since seriously all dogs go to heaven. Plus she had lipoma, there were 3 or 4 softball sized lumps on her body. If yall are wondering she was a black lab.

    The thing about dogs is they do not judge you like humans. Humans can ridicule you for being heavily attached to something and spread rumors about you and while this isn't true for everyone, it is a example of how cruel the human race really can be. Dogs act as therapists when you feel all alone, need someone to talk to. Dogs will understand you. When youre in danger, dogs will act as the defenders. When you are sick, they will sit by your side and lick your hand for comfort.

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    I'm not a pet owner type person. I find them to be an expensive nuisance. Pending on the type of dog, and also if it is groomed, they can really stink up a house fast.

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    I find dogs a burden, you can't work a double shift without getting someone to let them out, they need walking, grooming, heart worm & flea meds and you can not leave them alone for the weekend if you need to get away.
    Cats on the other hand are much lower maintenance and love you if you are worthy, not because you trained them to.

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    Dogs aren't really my thing, barking makes me nervous, I'm to lazy to want to have to walk a dog everyday and don't fancy picking up poop whilst I'm at it either. Personally I'm more of a cat person, we have two Burmese cats. And the boy, is like my little bro. We hang out and cuddle and play, and I love both of them to bits. Dogs are just a nuisance to me, but hey if you like em good for you dude

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    I've always loved dogs, and have a special bond with them. When I was 11, we moved across state to a new and closed housing community. Every day I'd walk home from school and pass a house that had gotten a boxer puppy. I'd stop and play with him every day, and every day, he'd grow a little until he was quite large. One day I was eating supper with my mom and dad in our dining room. It had a big bay window which looked out on the back yard, and I happened to look out, and there he was, looking in at me. He backed up, and suddenly, charged the window, jumping right into it with a thud. I went out and got him. He had chewed through his rope, and had found me. I walked him home to his people. I'll always love that dog, as he loved me.

    I've always had dogs, and last April, and beautiful golden retriever suddenly went into seizures. Three hours late she was dead, and my wife and I were emotionally destroyed. We'd stay away from our house, because it was like we could see her in the various rooms. In June, we got another golden, and she's putting us through our paces as she's very, very active.

    I've said that a dog lover's life can be measured in their dogs. Ours certainly can. I can remember what I was doing, what age my kids were doing certain things, by remember which dog we had. When I die, and hopefully go to heaven, I'm going to have so many dogs to love equally. This should be interesting as they vie for our attention.

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