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Thread: First Time Wearing, Tena Diaper Review

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    Default First Time Wearing, Tena Diaper Review

    Finally plucked up the nerves to pick up a pack of, ahem, "Adult disposable incontinence briefs" (or whatever buzzterm they use for the things). Got Tena Super Briefs, medium size, and Tena Classic Plus, large size.

    For me, diapers represent what would be one of the final steps in a power-loss scenario, that being unable to control even your own bodily functions. Ergo, it's a sexual thing for me, not an adult baby-like fixation. As such, I've always enjoyed fantasies with diapers that encumbered or weakened the wearer. It is this, I believe, that may have led to the rather disappointing results with indulging my personal sin; real life, simply put, cannot match what one's imagination can cook up.

    I wore them for several hours each, put both through a semi-thorough wetting, and experimented with up to three layers (two Supers and a Classic Plus). While I enjoyed the feeling of having my legs forced apart, it wasn't enough to meet my expectations, and to put on enough layers to achieve that effect would most likely result in several wasted diapers since the tapes are cheaper than dirt bought wholesale. The warmth and squish of a wet diaper was also enjoyable, but making sure I didn't flood them required far more attention to maintaining flow from the lemon-squeeze than I would like, not to mention clean-up, disposal, and dispersing the (admittedly mild) smell.

    To top it off, privacy is a rare commodity where I live, and the threat of discovery (assuming my tech-savvy father hasn't already picked up on it from my internet history, which I was rather ignorant about years ago) looms over like a black scythe. While there is something to be said about the thrill of avoiding discovering, the associated anxiety far outstrips it.

    In the end my verdict is that, while I found it to be an interesting experience, it's too much of a hassle, and the risks too high, to be worth the mild boost in enjoyment. I intend, with any luck, to return the Tena products for a refund with the cock-and-bull explanation that my grandpa found them to be inadequate. Having only used one of each (one-and-a-half, if you include the one I briefly put on over top for layering), I should hope they'll accept it.

    Perhaps, when I have a place of my own and can order higher-quality products discreetly, I'll try again.

    Quick reviews:

    The Tena Super's tapes are actually like velcro. It works, but hardly carries the "unlimited adjustments" boast like the package claims. The Classic Plus' are simple and somewhat ineffective adhesives, which is to be expected considering its bargin-bin pricing. In terms of absorbency, neither was tested to absolute capacity, although the Super took a fairly impressive (by my guessing, it being the first time I've partaken meaning I could simply be ignorant) bladder-emptying. For the Classic, I was careful to do it slowly since I didn't know how much it could handle, or how quickly it could wick it away. By the end, with all the re-adjusting I had to do since I seem to fall into a dead zone between the two sizes (or am simply inept at putting them on), they had effectively fallen apart, with tapes ripping off and the padding clumping up.

    Unless you're looking for a quick fix and they're on sale, I don't think Tena is going to be your brand of choice.

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    Tena is my brand of choice.
    We have the Tena Slip Maxi(plastic backed)
    Which is excellent in all departments, its very absorbent, holds a ton of pee and the tapes hold after 4 adjustments.
    Plus they get nice and thick when used properly without leakage even when lying in bed.

    The Tena products you reviewed are budget compared to the Tena Slip Maxi, so its unfair to dismiss the entire brand because of that.

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    i use the tena slip super and dont have any problems for the money they are really good. i would be surprised if you get the refund but can can but try

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    Thats What i use they feel great and hold lots and for the price cant complain

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    I use tena super plus pull-ups when I wear disposables. Have not had any leaks yet.

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    Tena Super are excellent diapers. The velcro can be repositionned a few time before the diaper outer layer start to fray. Once in place, the velcro don't move. If put on correcly, the diaper won't fall down when wet, though it might sag a little since the fabric is a little elastic with use/wear.

    Your expenrience with the Classic line is pretty common. They are the bottom end of the line and are designed to be absolute low-cost. They are still better than most store brands though, but barely.

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    Tena make a huge range of products, Tena slip maxi are by far the best

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    Default Re: First Time Wearing, Tena Diaper Review

    The American version of Tena is VERY different from Tena in Europe. They are terrible these days. They've been cloth backed for a long time. They've gotten thinner and thinner. The velcro tapes are horrible. My suggestion (assuming that you are American) is to try Dry 24/7 or Bambino diapers. Even though prints are probably not important to you. You can flood these diapers and they hold quite a bit of liquid. You can also wear plastic pants with these for a bit of added protection. sells some plastic pants called gerber white. They are extremely crinkly and crinkle under clothes as well. I suggest getting a onesie too. It keeps the diaper from sagging and increases the bulk and waddle factor a bit.

    I used to buy Tena Supers years ago because I was lucky enough to have a retailer that sold something better than Depend. Now they aren't nothing but crap.

    Another thing to try to feel more helpless is stuff a pair of socks with other cloths and put the socks on your arms with the balled up cloth in your hands. Use this with a onesie for a slight helpless feeling.

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