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Thread: found a good deal on depends and attends!

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    Default found a good deal on depends and attends!

    Hello everyone... so i'm just a regular DL who is a student and doesn't have an income. Therefore the budget is small so I specialize in finding good deals online! I generally go for the lower-end diapers like Depends Protection w Tabs and Attends with waistband and after wasting countless yours, i found you can get both of those for around 60 cents a brief if you buy them online through walmart (free shipping over $50). Anyway, that's all.

    Also, they ship discreetly --- this is a huge deal for me. My unmarked box of 4pkgs of depends just arrived today. Grant total for 80 diapers was $53 incl CA tax. Not bad.

    FYI attends with waistband are 88 for $50ish.... and that's WITHOUT a sale!

    Let me know if anyone else has found good deals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hydro4404 View Post
    attends with waistband are 88 for $50ish.... and that's WITHOUT a sale!
    Let me know if anyone else has found good deals!
    Let's see here *whips out his calculator* 88 diapers for $50. That comes to about 56 per diaper. for my regular diaper I go to Wal Greens. Now, the bargain will depend on what size diaper you buy. Let's break it down, according to their website

    Now I like the XL. So, a pack of 28 XL goes for about $17. That comes out to about 60 per diaper. That's only a 4 per diaper difference. I think that qualifies as a good deal.

    So, to continue, a pack of their large are 32 for about $17. That comes out to about 53 per diaper.
    Their mediums are 40 for about $17. That comes out to about 42 per diaper.

    And these are their normal prices!
    So, IMHO Wal Greens has some pretty good deals on diapers. I guess the only draw back for some is that the Certainty, as far as I know, are all cloth-backed.

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    Great deal! Your in the same situation as me, minus the student part.

    I don't know if you are into second-hand-type products/places, but places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, St.Vincent de Paul, and the like...have GREAT prices on DL products. Though it is hit-or-miss, so persistence/patience are key.

    I recently purchased four UNOPENED (sometimes these places have packs with one or a few missing) bags of Attends Xtra Absorbent Breathable Briefs, 96 total items, for $3.99 each! Total spent: $16.50. Criminal in my books!

    Some post-sale grief cuz I didn't plan where I would stash them! Haha!

    PS: To see diaper stats and to find out if you are getting a good deal, I found a great chart for comparing brands, prices, and stats at Price List--Call (800) 563-0161 (youth/teen diapers and pads) and Price List--Call (800)563-0161 (adult diapers and incontinence pads) Although the links show up as call... they still take you to the charts. I copied and pasted the charts into a word doc. and saved it to access it without having to go online and through the site.

    Hope this helps!
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    Great chart! I've never saw that before, wonderful resource.

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    I buy depends in store.

    Theyre exceptionally cheap!

    16 thick diapers for 16$ is great!

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    Here in the UK I use a spreadsheet to identify absorbency and cost per diaper so I can work out how much each diaper from what manufacturer and shop is going to cost and how much per litre it is. The lower the cost/unit and the higher the absorbency the better the value. I reckon that doing an hour's research and putting it into a spreadsheet was worth it's weight in gold (or SAP and plastic ).

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