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Thread: The best?

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    Default The best?

    What would you guys say is the best size 6 baby diaper (biggest size)

    luvs size 6?
    Pampers size 6?
    Huggies size 6?
    Or any others?

    If i had to get one, which ones the biggest? Thanks

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    Anyone have an answer??

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    Pampers Baby Dry Size 6 will be the best size 6

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    Luvs Size 6 are my personal favorite. I grew up wearing that brand, as well as Pampers, so I guess I kind of have a nostalgic attachment to Luvs. I totally miss the plastic-backed Barney ones.

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    Ok I'll get pampers baby dry size 6. Can you find it at most super makets or is it rare?

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    As much as I like loves, especially because of the smell, I think my favorite is actually huggies night time diapers because the pictures of sleeping tigger and pooh bear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElliottABDL View Post
    Definiiiiitely Pampers Baby Dry!
    dies anyone know if pampers baby dry are in commo stores? Or are they hard to find?

    And also is there any place besides babys r us and toys r us that sells pampers cruisers size 7

    And as well does anyone have a picture of pampers baby dry? I dont know what they look like! I hope they are cute!!!


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    Default Pampers Cruisers Size 7 or Pampers Baby Dry Size 6

    Ok guys finally limited it down. I have a 30 in waste and am skinny btw.

    Pampers Cruisers Size 7 or Pampers Baby Dry Size 6.

    Which one is bigger and which one is better

    I think Size 7 is bigger actually.

    But will I be able to find pampers baby dry size 6 at average store?

    And will I be able to find Cruisers size 7 at a average store?


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    Personally I find Baby Dry Size 6 much more comfortable then Cruisers size 7. I'm a 31 waist and fairly skinny (kinda fat thighs :P) and I found that the tapes on the 7's would eventually tear or just pop wide open. The 7's I wear at night and they do a very good job at that part but the baby dry 6's are for my all day wear.

    I just find the 6's much easier to get on and for them to stay on.

    I've never had an issue finding either

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