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    does any one know where i can buy an adult size potty in the uk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diverj View Post
    does any one know where i can buy an adult size potty in the uk.
    Depends what you mean. If you mean an adult-sized version of this, you can't buy one anywhere because they don't exist. If you're looking for something that replicates the function if not the aesthetic, you have a few options. Some people use a camp toilet like this, which you can find at a good store for camping supplies. Some people use a toilet for disabled people which looks like this and can be found at medical supply stores (check your phonebook or Google).

    That said, I'm confused as to why it needs to be a UK retailer. Assuming you have access to the internet and a form of payment other than cash (and I'm assuming by age 57 you do), you can buy such a product from anywhere in the world.
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    Being anAB/DL myself-idon't understand why you would feel you need to purchase a potty? Don't you want to be continuing to wear your snug-fitting,secure diaper anymore? I have been a diaper lover for nearly35 yrs,24/7 and never would i give up my tight fitting diaper. Don't potty train-you might lose some, or a lot of your AB/DL heart!

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    I think some AB/DLs like to pretend they are trying to learn how to use the potty and they fail potty training.

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    You're right-I guess I didnt even consider that scenario!

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    yes yes but where can i get a baby type potty to fit my big old bum?

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    if you have any kind of woodworking skills, you can make a standalone potty chair. Take a standard wooden chair and cut a hole in the seat. add a removable bucket that fits in the hole and a splash guard if you want one. strip the varnish off and paint it up how you like, adding some cosmetic touches. My uncle made one for his granddaughter...

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    hmm that seems like a good way of doing things NyanFloyd, good way of planing things out!

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    Default potty time

    I've been working on something in regards to this. I wanted a plastic one like the modern ones. Right now I'm working on a two piece that would go on the floor or on the big potty but would be a little higher so it's more realistic and comfortable. Anyway, it's working but it's very labor intensive. I'm hoping to figure out a way to make it more economical and quicker to produce, incase others want one. I'm a good craftsman, but I'm used to metal. If anyone has manufacturing experience feel free to message me, I'd love to brainstorm with some people.

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