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    Default Perfect AB/DL day

    Have any of you ever had one of those days, when you couldn't focus on what you were doing, looking out into a window or spacing out, and started thinking back on your persona wheither it be the Parent or the Baby, and thought of a perfect day with him or her, just for the heck of it?

    I sometimes do, what about all of you and your Perfect AB/DL days?

    To me it would be like this;
    I would wake up in a blue crib and a baby boy styled room in the beginning of the day; soon my daddy would come in and get me ready for the day. He would take me out of my crib and change me into a extra thick diaper and jean overalls with a red tee under it. In the day and sometime in afternoon, daddy and I would go to the park, play games, eat out for lunch, and hang out like the two we were. Not only that, but he would check me from time to time if I needed a quick diaper change or that i had a leak from my diaper.
    After we get back home from all the fun, we would change our clothing to our home clothing. To me, it would be a Onesie with a spreader, another diaper on, socks, and a NUK pacifier that i would be sucking on. That afternoon we would watch some movies and read some books, sometimes i would have an accident and he would change me on the floor when there was a movie going on. Soon the day would turn into the night-time and it would be dinner time. Daddy would put me in a highchair, put a big bib around my neck, and place my food on my "plate" to eat while he sat in the table. I would eat my food with my hands, making a mess with my hands and face of food. Daddy would laugh a bit and clean some of the mess away so that i could eat again.
    It would then be Bed-time, and i would be extreamly tired from all the fun we had all day. I would yawn quiet loudly, which Daddy would take as a sign that its time for bed. Even though i would say no for bed, Daddy would get me soon ready for bed, a nice bottle of juice/or favored drink. Soon, Daddy would then make me very sleepy and i would not be so crabby about going to bed after a fun day.
    Daddy would then wash me up in the tub, i would brush my teeth, then daddy would take me to my nursery and place a thick nighttime diaper and a footie pajama on me. He then would tuck me into my crib, read me a bed time story, and tell me a good nights rest and off to sleep for me. what would your perfect AB/DL day be like?
    if you want, tell it in a short paragraph like i did.
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    Wow that sounds like a very memorable AB/DL day. Since I don't have much to compare too I feel like any day spent just with daddy would be near perfect. Just having someone that accepts you and allows you to express your ABDL would be a dream come true in and of itself. I think everything you described sounds amazing and I would just add spending the day together holding hands, going on some sort of outing, and coming home to watch movies would be awesome. I hope I would be able to stay on my best behavior or else I know daddy would have to punish me :0. Getting fed and bathed before bedtime sounds like it would be a lot of fun and I would look forward to the bedtime story . Thinking so much about this only makes me wish I had someone special to share in this experience (sigh).

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    Quote Originally Posted by H0TWH33LS View Post
    Wow that sounds like a very memorable AB/DL day.
    Thank you very much Lizard293 for the compliment

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    I've had some great ABDL days with my partner. Common threads of them include an off-limits potty, no utensils during meals, babas, baths, and on-demand cuddles. The thing is, those cuddles often turn into afternoon naps-- caretaking can be exhausting (but very rewarding)!

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    M G-that sounds like an amazingly perfect AB/DL day.Daddy time with his precious one is so important,especially the playtime & fun at the park.Isn't it just the greatest when you do get to sit in your highchair,with all your favorite lunchtime yummies, just getting food ALL OVER your face your favorite bib and the highchair plate-just laughing & having fun doing it...THE BEST!!! I agree with you also about the night-night story before going to sleep. At the end of a busy,fun day,it's a good thing to have that story & goodnight hug, tucked in your blankie after a tubbie bath and diaper & jammies.It's a great feeling to know that your daddy is there for you, to love & care for you and be right there to see that you are happy and well taken care of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by changedlife View Post
    It's a great feeling to know that your daddy is there for you, to love & care for you and be right there to see that you are happy and well taken care of.
    Bedtime stories are the best! I can imagine nothing more perfect / relaxing than snuggling up with Daddy in our jammies reading a story bedtime. One more thing I might add to the "perfect day" scenario might be a nighttime baba where Daddy feeds the little one. If you maintain eye contact during such a special time like this it can really take the activity to a whole new level as far as bonding.

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    Wish I had someone special like that.... My ex gf loved to cuddle and was everything I ever wanted. I never told her about me being a DL/Furry. Unfortunately, I caught her cheating on me and I ended up breaking up with her. I am now lonely in a 2300 sq ft house that is way too big for a single college student. Unfortunately, it doesn't even have an actual bathtub, just an oversize shower stall.
    My perfect day would go like this:
    Wake up wet next to my lover, and after some cuddling, proceed to change each other. Still in my jammies, I'd go to the kitchen and make us some breakfast. After breakfast, we would both get dressed and head over to the nearest Chuck e Cheese in our fursuits. We'd play some drunken skee-ball (the one near my house actually does serve beer!) and pretend to be part of the show during a birthday party. After being kicked out for cheating at the games and having a drunken fursuited brawl with Chuck e Cheese, we'd head home and get changed again. Then comes Cuddle/Nap time on the couch while we sleep it off. I'd wake up and Start making my famous home made Spicy Cheeseburger soup for dinner. We'd eat, and then watch a movie together. After the movie comes tub time, and getting changed for bed. We would probably read a bedtime story and then (if applicable) have some x rated playtime before falling asleep....

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    My perfect day would go something like this.

    Baby arrives at my hotel room. If it is early we have breakfast or a snack and if a bum change is required we would see to that. I would dress baby in an adorable little outfit and pack a small bag of dummies, wipes and bottles. We would go for a walk and maybe visit a toy shop where we could buy some colouring/drawing supplies, a dvd, or maybe a jigsaw puzzle. We could eat lunch out or get snacks for our own little indoor picnic. I could sit and continue to sew baby's name on a cute popper vest while they had a nap (because I like my regular babies to have nice things and feel special). Later we would sit and colour, attempt the jigsaw puzzle together, watch the dvd etc. I would feed baby their dinner if it started to get late. This would be followed with a bath and a nice clean onesie, then a story until baby is ready to go home or until it is time for sleep if they are staying the night.

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    yeah BabyToddler me to, all the time giggle giggle

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