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Thread: plastic panties fixing question

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    Default plastic panties fixing question

    i got some plastic panties the other day about 2 weeks ago (leakmaster or something.) and today i noticed it had a tear near one of the leg elastics.
    is there any (cheap but effective) way to fix this? the tear is about mid-front of the leg.
    no i have no idea how it got there, just that it is now there.

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    "Flexible Vinyl Mender" at ACE hardware works great. If you don't have an ACE hardware nearby, any vinyl repair compound works.

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    i would go withe the vinyl repair compound it would look so much better then duct tape

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    Your LeakMasters should have lasted a lot longer than 2 weeks, though I have had some problems with their threads unraveling, which is very annoying. I hope you are washing your plastic panties by hand and then letting them line dry. I put mine on a plastic hanger and let them air dry. They are somewhat fragile, so you have to take some care with them. I wash mine in the shower when I'm taking my shower, and I use dish detergent. I then rinse them out a total of 4 times, turning them in and out that many times.

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    that may be my problem.. i wash them when i take a bath.. using my bodywash to clean them.. (cant really sneek a bottle of dishsoap into my bathroom..)
    then i hang them in my closet.
    that or due to over-use? i have worn them almost nonstop since i got them.

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    Default Re: plastic panties fixing question

    I've had the same problem with the leakmasters. They rip at the seams pretty easily. A few others might have lasted me a few wearings.

    In my personal experience, I havent had that problem with baby-pants' gerber white plastic peva pants. They have lasted me a long time so far compared to the others. I've worn these quite often.

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    I have had similar problems, but no luck using super glue or vinyl cement or even duct tape. It is usually due to the plastic pants being too small. I have found it is easier to just buy a new pair and be more careful.

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    Buy plastic pants with cloth elastic band instead

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    they do have the cloth elastic band. the tear is just on the inside of it, left leg. about maybe half an inch from the snaps

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    i have heard the BPGWplastic pants are... really loud. i am trying to be discrete here due to my mom may flip out if she finds out.

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