View Poll Results: Were you abused by your caregivers?

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  • Yes, Emotionally (Moderate)

    36 28.35%
  • Yes, Physically (Moderate)

    27 21.26%
  • Yes, Other (Moderate)

    9 7.09%
  • Yes, Emotionally (Severely)

    21 16.54%
  • Yes, Physically (Severely)

    7 5.51%
  • Yes, Other (Severely)

    8 6.30%
  • Not abused at all.

    56 44.09%
  • I might have been abused, but I'm not sure.

    14 11.02%
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Thread: Were you abused?

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    Default Were you abused?

    This pertains specifically to those who raised you, or those you grew up with.
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    Yes, though I don't consider it severe.
    My Dad worked all day, and my Mom was a drug abuser, party thrower, alcoholic, and child at mind.
    She was also bi-polar, so she would some times take her anger out on me and my sister for doing something insignificant like spilling bleach in the basement (even though it didn't have carpet) among other things.

    I'll pull up a few bad memories.

    One night she came home extremely drunk. The asshole she was dating (It wasn't my Father, but some narcissist drunk) decided I should help her to bed instead. Mind you I was probably around 10 or 11. Anyways, she asked me to carry her purse, which I did teary eyed, and then she started calling me a faggot and prissy boy. She kept making fun of me until I got her into bed.

    Another time was when she was caught DUI (Drunk driving) a 4th time. So the police came into the house and arrested her right in front of me and my sister.

    Another time she was trying to beat on my sister, but I stepped in to stop them. She took me and threw me into the edge of a bed.

    On another occasion she decided to tell us she'd be home in time for dinner, but instead we went without eating because she was out drinking until 3 or 4 am.

    I could go on, but I really don't feel like doing so.

    And the stories I heard from my sister while she was living with my mom after I moved to my Grandparents were a lot worse than what happened to me in my opinion. She had to live with those drunken fools without me there for 3 months before she moved to my Grandparents.
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    Well I was emotionally by real dad. He never said he loved me, plus on birthdays he would always say he had some gifts for me and would drop by to see me and give me the gifts and never did and kinda by my stepdad. My stepdad curses at me for no reason, spits in my face all the time, trys to hit me sometimes (he does get hits but they dont leave a mark) and he'll throw stuff at me.

    The last time he really did it was Easter. He got drunk, hooked up a washing machine but it leaked, and I told him and he got pissed off at me, threw a punch, hit me in the back then I lost it, and swung a punch hitting him in the ribs, then he started yelling and cursing at me so I said "F*ck off, A**hole or I will kill you", so he tries again and my moms friend got her husband (buff guy) to hold me back and I started yelling "I'm gonna kill him!" and I had everybody scared, I went for a 45 minute walk with my friend to cool down and when I got back he started again so I just decked him one in the jaw.

    Ever since that day, it's been better but I got a feeling that it will happen again >_>

    <My little rant>

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    Do siblings count? cause for my 3 years of middle school i was pretty much verbally abused daily by my sister who is like 14 years older than me and was depressed for the most of my time at Jr.high :/

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    OMG! Just finished reading some of the terrible abuse experiences on this thread. I think it should be the other way around - kids should be dumping their older family members off in Nebraska! Sounds like they'd be better off without them. I really feel for all of you who have/still are suffering from abuse. It's horrible what some kids go through at home.

    If I ever was abused, it was before I had any memory retention, and would have been from my dad. As I mentioned before, he wasn't in his right mind after the breakdown. I do know from things my mom told me that he was jealous of me as a baby. I'll never know if he did anything abusive to me while she was at work as a result of the jealous feelings. Honestly, I don't want to know, except that it might explain a little as to why I am the way I am.


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    Luckily, my parents have treated me great, so no abuse from them or from anyone in my family. I really feel horrible for those of you with abusive parents. I couldn't deal with it myself. Seriously, how do you guys cope with it? It's simply horrible.

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