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    Default Asking her to change me.......

    I have a girl and a friend. She and I are basically brother/sister twins. Alike and dislike in every way, mirror images of each other. When I go haywire she functions properly and vice versa.

    She's a Mormon at BYU. I want to ask her so bad....but we don't have that type of relationship. I mean if there was a girl to do it she'd be one of four and probably the most likely. But it's highly unlikely.

    I told her recently of my "problem." Tell her the truth, I wear pullups and like stuffed and binkies. She's cool, she understands me. She did thumb sucking until 8. I think she'd be a DL if she could be, but she doesn't know much about it minus my insecurity.

    I've thought this out so many ways....I asked her to "babysit," me when she comes back. (This'll consist of swinging and playing at the park or something, a joke really but maybe I'll have my binky depending on population control)

    I , whilest joking, said "I promise you don't have to change any diapers if you baby sit me." Than after that the idea occured to me, it's possible.

    I think I just fucked up and asked her about how far she'd go for me. I said what would you do and what would you not do.....I didn't mean it like that...I told her I was interested in psychology, and I am. I want to see what types of people do what things for friends.

    It's eating me away. She probably knows but probably wouldn't do it. Could affect the relationship or lack there of even.

    Or maybe I can go visit one of you guys to experience the first and maybe only change of my life? I even thought about giving her a blind fold and rubber gloves if that's what it took.

    I need someone to talk me out of this. She said BRB when I asked what was off limits and I don't think she's coming back.

    I just want to experience it one time from someone important. I don't want to be stuck with this fetish forever, but I want to experience all of it before i grow up...................


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    Don't let your fetish take over your brain.
    You seem to be rushing things WAY to fast.
    Take it slow. At least figure out what type of relationship SHE wants before you do anything that could ruin it forever.

    Think about it this way, would you rather have your best friend, or someone change a diaper for you?
    I'm pretty sure the answer is obvious.

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    Yeah, be careful. Personally I wouldn't ask as in the grand scheme of things, losing a friend is much worse than not having someone change a diaper for you.

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    Perhaps you should have given her and her feelings some consideration instead of pushing TB agenda onto her?

    Either that or you're making a load of drama out of something that really is just a misunderstanding?

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    Thanks guys. I'm glad I posted here before I listened to the impulse.....good job smacking the bad idea out of my head.....i think i can wait.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbjay View Post
    Thanks guys. I'm glad I posted here before I listened to the impulse.....good job smacking the bad idea out of my head.....i think i can wait.....
    Good. There is a good chef's quote that applies to this. "Sometimes the best kind of feast is always the slowest to be cooked and prepared"

    Meaning that it is a good idea to not rush or charge in to things. But I am rooting for you and do wish you the best of luck with her. I am a Mormon too and believe it or not,, Us Mormon's like to take things slow in this area. Take some time and get to know her and let her get to know you.

    Just my

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    Ya... no
    Dont do it no matter how cool ppl seem about it on the outside on the inside there gong
    and she said Brb when you asked her?
    where you online chatting?

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    Hey, firstly i'd like to say your friendship with this girl should come first!!!

    recently i split up with my long term g/f and mommy. we started with her knowing about none of this but she found pics on my laptop and to cut a long story short she ended up my mommy, and the worlds best mommy she was!! as the relationship went on i relied more on her as a mommy than a g/f. I spent 3 months away working this summer and instead of missing my g/f who i loved dearly i missed my mommy!! we split up 2 weeks after i got back. first of all i was gutted cos i missed my mommy now i realise i lost my best friend!!!! and regret not making more of it .

    To cut my ramblings short as miles says your fetish is ur fetish! your friendship is ur friendship! u wont know wot u lost till u loose it so think of her as a friend first and just keep enjoying them diapers.

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