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Thread: when your bored what do u all enjoy doing

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    Default when your bored what do u all enjoy doing

    for me its chill ing and having yummy stuff what about everyone else

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickenBoy View Post
    What do I do when I'm bored?
    Eat and waste money.

    EDIT - I don't eat money, that wasn't meant to be all in one.
    thats nice atm im at my friends my mum cought me drunk wih vodoca and gunis and told me my friend to get out XD

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    Listen to music, drum, classwork

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    Listen to/ make music, read (Game of Thrones lately - awesome!), play video games, or make crappy Magic: the Gathering theme decks :P

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    Me and my friend Bourbon have some fun. Such as now currently. And music. This currently:

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    There are levels of bored & energy level is a factor too. I can happily occupy my self on my many mechanical, electronic, computer or home improvement projects but if I'm burnt out from being a tec. at work I just toss off to internet porn.

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    When im bored I happily entertain myself with my xbox. Sometimes if I'm really super bored that gets boring too very weird. I end up pacing around the house. Usually the cure that helps is calling someone on the phone. if all else fails nothing beats riding my motorcycle while.leaning into some good turns at high speeds and hear the engine and muffler roar while your doing it. Best feeling ever!
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    Either watch a movie, or play a video game.
    Sometimes read too.

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