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Thread: Supplies fo a 24/7 run

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    Question Supplies fo a 24/7 run

    Besides diapers, wipes, and powder is there anything I may need before I start?

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    Maybe a bodystocking, they are pretty good at preventing leaks. XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies Also if you havnt tried the Dry 24/7's they are worth a try havn't had a leak from them yet.

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    yeah and baby lotion, and me to help change and keep you clean he he giggle giggle

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    If you're going to wear 24/7 for any reasonable length of time you'll need quite a few supplies. Aside from the obvious diapers you'll need powder, wipes, barrier cream, rash cream (might be the same product), diaper bags and I'd strongly suggest plastic pants and a onesie. A bag to carry it all in is also useful if you think you might need to change outside of your home.

    You might want to look at the ADISC 24/7 group.

    Good Luck

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    Make sure you have enough food for a while if you decide to stay in your home. I am too shy to go out in diapers.

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    I'm goig to get a case of tena slip maxi. I have got a diaper bag I'm going to look for a nonscented baby powber, and I am going to to get some rash cream. (Now that you remind me)I've got some wipes. I planned to just go for a week.

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