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Thread: Plunge taken - Bearhardt now wears crinkles

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    Default Plunge taken - Bearhardt now wears crinkles

    After not wearing any sort of absorbency aids for years and years and years I finally mustered up the courage to fix my on-again off-again bedwetting issue by getting some incontinence pads.

    I rather like the sticky pads. They're similar to a kotex pad or the like, but thicker and meant for, you know, accidents.

    I'm not particularly concerned with 'social stigma' in regards to diapers but considering my daily work and my own personal hatred of being hot/sweaty this is working out quite well.

    The pad seems to be surprisingly effective too. It seems like it should work well enough for my bedtime issues... But we shall see. We're in test and adjust here.

    Plan B will probably be those new fangled Depends if they are fairly comfortable. I just don't want a funky butt :p

    So cash in your bets, cubs. Bearhardt is wearing crink.

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    Glad you broke down and got something.

    Take care

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