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Thread: My first Bambino

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    Default My first Bambino

    I am not one to usually share but I'm wearing my first Bambino Bellissimo and it's great The medium fits me pretty well, slightly better that the Abena M4 and the plastic feels better than the cloth so far.

    That is all :P

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    We we are going to drive 3 hour drive. To see Rick Springfield for sister birthday gift. I might try Bambino Bellissimo for the trip :P
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    My first Bambino Classicos just arrived in Austin a few hours ago I've been check the tracking page for the UPS shipment like every 5 minutes for the past 3 days.

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    I thought the anticipation might be better than the actual nappies but I was wrong. The Bellissimos are great! I particularly like the landing zone. The tapes are better that the m4s I tried previously but the plastic makes them a little more, let's say, warmer! Some people may prefer this.

    After my first wetting they are holding without any worries, and I wet v heavily! I'm also living the print more than I thought I would

    The cost doesn't bother me as I don't wear 24/7 but I can understand how it would bother some!

    So far so good

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    i just recived mine and not to happy with mine there not the greatest diapers in the world they are good with the aborb but tapes are not as good as i was hoping

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    PaSS, what are you comparing the tapes to?

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    i am comparing to dry 24/7 there tapes are insane there is no letting go when it comes to them.

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    I am yet to try the 24/7 as their availability here in Aus is non existent! If I get an opportunity I will try them!

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    can u order from xpmedical ?

    if so that would be ur best bet

    dry 24/7 are alot thicker but i think are a bit more absorbant then bambinos but im ok with it

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