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    Hi Everybody,

    Very interesting website.
    I joined to find information on managing my incontinence following surgery.
    In particular, I want to know if others cycle and how they manage their incontinence.
    My wearing of pads is for necessity; it is not by choice.
    I do road cycling (or, at least I used to). I would wear cycling shorts with a chamois. The problem is the chamois is designed to provide some cushioning but not absorbancy.
    If anybody has any advice, I am very open to suggestions.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. I cycle and I have worn diapers. I've actually worn cloth with plastic pants and it's worked okay. I wear the loose cycling shorts that have an inner tight shell. They're black so if there was a leak, it wouldn't show. I must admit that I'm not incontinent, as probably the majority of us on this site are not, but I sympathize with those who are, and I think this arrangement might work for you. The cloth is soft, but of course, plastic pants have a way of trapping heat during hot weather, though I suppose any diaper would, and it seemed that the air more or less blew through the diaper. I was quite comfortable. I've only done this a couple of times.

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    Thank you, dogboy.

    I'm not sure that the plastic would work. When I get a chance, I`ll have to ask the rest of the members.


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    Depending on route, speed, distance, company, foregoing protection altogether is an option. Black spandex doesn't show wet spots. On a hard training ride or during a race, nobody's going to notice one more nuance to your potpourri of nasty scents.

    During long runs, rides or races, I just pee myself as needed and no one's the wiser. Of course, I've got a rather high sweat rate, so me being drenched from head to toe is expected by my friends and associates. That same high sweat rate works against having to pee a lot.

    P.S. "Is it raining? Oh...that's Maxx" I don't get a lot of wheelsuckers.

    P.P.S. No, I'm not incontinent, so I do get to choose when I let fly. On the other hand, I imagine you're only letting out small amounts at a time, so you're not going to be sending up roostertails behind you, or likely even leaving any kind of trail.
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