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Thread: Why single tape?

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    Default Why single tape?

    Why is a sin gle tape better? I saw in another thread that they were happy about finally getting single tape diaper. Whouldn't just a single tape make it less durable?

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    Because they look more like baby diapers, which have a single tape on each side. And no it isn't any worse as the tape is thicker to make up for there only being 1 rather than 2.

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    people who like babyish diapers prefer them.

    I'm personally glad they stick with 4 tapes on medical diapers, you can get a *much* better fit that way. Its about the positioning, not that they are wider.

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    Default Re: Why single tape?

    I prefer the six tape diapers because they fit snugger. Its the only feature I like on Depend and Attends.

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    One vs. Two tapes on each side is really about whether you want the look or the feel of diapers. Those who are more about the look would probably choose one tape diapers because it better imitates the baby diapers. Those who are more into the feel of diapers would probably choose two tapes because of the snugger fit.

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    Look is an important factor between the two, but I never have had an issue with fit. It seems to me that the one tapes fit me better actually.

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    I've found that two tapes help me with fit a lot better. One tape adjusts the fit around the legs while one adjusts fit around the waist. Makes it pretty comfortable if you ask me.

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    I understand the whole point in imitating a baby diaper by using the single wide tape. For looks it could be considered a must have by some. I'm partial to the 4 tape set up. When I am out in public and have a diaper on under my clothes, I can't see the diaper. But I can feel that it is there by it's snugness and thickness. The snug fit, at least for me, is better achieved by 4 tapes. If I am ever at home and running around in such a way that my diaper is visible, then I can see how the single wide tape would add to the experience because it is visible.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

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    I agree as others said.
    One tape for more baby like and for the one tape look.
    Its like more a play diaper style.

    Two tapes or three(tho in my opinion 2 fit better, for me at least)
    is more for being secure and more snug.
    Leaks happen way less, and almost never with 2 style for me.

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    I prefer 2-3 taped sides all tho they take a while to get on, but there more fitting.

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