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Thread: Diaper rash and psoriasis

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    Default Diaper rash and psoriasis

    not sure if this should be here or in diaper talk
    but wondering if anyone else experienced genital psoriasis and diaper rash at the same time and might have any tips on the issue.

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    I have a dermatical proble, but (my good luck) not in that parts. Once I had. But nothing special - there are two ways: Get some unprotected sexual issue with some women or use cannabis cream (vere effective.) But my problem with this could be caused by my statement of "psychoanimo," I'm a few depresive and when I get depresion, normaly that fucked excem extends...

    The diaper rash I had only a few times.

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    Your best bet might be using some sort of barrier. Either a Zinc Oxide based cream, or unscented baby lotion at very least.

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    definitely more a psoriasis flare now than dp rash just hurts like anything and as with all autoimmune stuff it is just basically treat the symptoms as best as possible and grin an bare it.
    thx for the help, but as dp cream only gives me a barrier I am going after some professional help on this as it hurts worse than getting habanero oil down there something have had the unfortunate experience of.

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    professional cream acquired will update.

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    well the cream has helped the male area a bit, awaiting biopsie results still to start narrow band uvb for all affected areas, hopefully resulting in clear pain free skin finally and possibly a side affect of having a nice tan.

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