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Thread: question about cloth diapers

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    Default question about cloth diapers

    do you need plastic pants if it is not an all in one diaper

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    Cloth diapers are literally just pieces of cloth to absorb urine; flat terry diapers are in fact almost indistinguishable from regular towels. If you had a lot of fabric available to wet in your diaper (like, ultra, ultra thick), you could possibly wet and not have it run through/pass to the outside of the diaper, but I wouldn't risk it. Wearing plastic pants with cloth diapers serves two purposes:

    First, it contains 'free' liquid while it's being absorbed into the diaper. Think about what would happen if you put a small towel in your underwear and wet it; the urine would pass through your underwear and soak the floor, likely leaving a wet patch where it was initially expelled but the rest of your underwear mostly dry. If you had a plastic barrier between your underwear and your floor/trousers, that would stop the liquid, and the liquid inside would be absorbed by the rest of the material.

    Second, the plastic barrier prevents the wetness of your diaper from touching the dry fabric of your outer clothes. When wet fabric is in contact with dry fabric, it tends to 'wick' from the wet fabric into the dry, making the dry fabric wet too.

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    I wear my plastic pants with my Dependeco AIO's. Even using a booster with my diaper the outer cover whether it be cotton or flannel
    is still damp. I wear these for around 8 hrs before I change. Without the booster I can only go 5 to 6 hrs. I can be a heavy wetter during
    the day.

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    Even with AIOs I usually wear plastic pants as a backup. The AIOs that I used to use tended to wick at the legs and I'd wake up with a wet footie or wet sheets. With non AIOs plastic pants are a must, as was stated above.

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    I'm still struggling to get used to the very different feeling of wearing a cloth diaper compared to a disposable. I don't really like the constant feeling of wetness, and it makes me think the contact with my skin is going to result in a rash. Although so far I haven't had one. As for all in ones they are a nightmare for getting dry, they take ages especially right now when its the middle of winter and you can't hang stuff out in the snow, and you can't just stick them on a radiator to dry with the heat because of the PVC cover.

    Anyway yes you would need plastic pants over the cloth diapers like everyone above me has already said. But I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that parents who were trying to get their children out of diapers, if they were using cloth wouldn't use plastic pants so the diaper got cold and become uncomfortable to give an extra push to train them to use the toilet. So I'm not sure how that one worked.

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    quick question how audible are plastic pants cause if i am going to get cloth diapers i don't want them to be super audible

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    quick question how audible are plastic pants cause if i am going to get cloth diapers i don't want them to be super audible

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    Default Re: question about cloth diapers

    Well, most are actually very quiet. Fetware sells some that are very quiet. You just have to read descriptions of the products.

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    Most of the time it is your imagination if you think others can hear your plastic pants. If it concerns you, you can try wearing a pair of briefs over top of them or carrying coins or keys in your pocket to make noise. A lot of disposable diapers are much more noisy than plastic pants over a cloth diaper.

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