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Thread: Most Diapers You've Ever Worn?

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    Default Most Diapers You've Ever Worn?

    How many diapers have you ever worn at once? Im wearing 4 right now

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    I layered twelve disposable diapers ranging from medium to large once. It was an interesting sensation as I couldn't walk normally and the multiple layers gave a constant feeling that they did not fit and were constantly slipping out of place.

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    Uummmm, this thread is for introductions, not showing off how many diapers you've worn (and my answer is 3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nothingusual View Post
    Uummmm, this thread is for introductions, not showing off how many diapers you've worn (and my answer is 3)
    would not surprise me if this is his intro...

    my answer = 1... never been a fan of thick diapers...

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    You are supposed to introduce yourself to the community in this forum.

    To answer your question... about eight...

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    I think my max so far is seven, but they were depend overnights so, not very thick to begin with, but I perforated all of them except the outer of course. It took all day to wet that diaper.
    Welcome also.

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    uh i love thick diapers i did about 15 - 17 im not exactly sure was pretty insane how think it was

    (they were cvs diapers )

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    I used 7 abu liners in a bambino once

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    Hewo and welcome to ADISC.

    For me 3 is the most, have used a pamper as a stuffer too.
    Tho for me 1 is enough.
    Tho I say do what style makes you happy. ^_^

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