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Thread: Diaper rash protection?

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    Default Diaper rash protection?

    Can someone list some alternatives to powder? I have just got some and it seems that it really isn't working too well.

    Is there any good results from using Vaseline as a cream?

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    Powder isnt really there to stop the rash...Desitin , A+D would be your best bet, but in a pinch vaseline would provide at last some barrier

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    I got rash at first when I started staying in wet diapers, then I got some diaper cream, it adds a waterprof barrier to your skin, the one I used was A+D cream not ointment.

    And after useing about 1 tube, I stopped useing it, and I haven't had rash again since, I think sitting in wet diapers toughens up your skin after a while, and I no longer use cream at all.

    But I do give my skin a chance to dry out in between diaperings, don't count on just useing powder to dry your skin, give your skin a chance to dry, and you will be OK.

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    When you take your diaper off, rub baby powder on the damp areas of your skin, and then clean it off with wipes.
    That's what I do and I haven't had a rash yet.

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    I just try to keep my diaper area clean and use rash cream and powder. This works pretty good for me because I enjoy being in wet diapers.

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    To Protect yourself from a diaper rash, you need only change regularly using wipes and either lotion or powder (or both). You could also use Vaseline for prevention, but it would be a waste because Vaseline works very well when you actually DO have a diaper rash. Vaseline also creates more friction while you're wiping in-between changes, but it really relieves the burning and heals your rash, pretty much instantly.

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    Zinc Oxide cream is another good one to use. It's been around and used to help prevent diaper rash for many years. My mom used it on me over 55 years ago, and we used it on our kids as well when they were babies.


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    That A+D diaper cream is zink oxide, the same thing you would use to eliminate sunburn, on the top of your nose.

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    I've never used powder (well once or twice), and I haven't gotten a rash...

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