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Thread: Dexter's Rude Removal

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    A long lost episode of Dexter's Lab has surfaced on YouTube after 14 years of being made. Rude Removal was made in 1999 and was said to be "Dexter's Lab meets South Park." due to Dexter and Dee Dee cursing. Cartoon Network refused to air it and it was said that it would be played at conventions and stuff but as far as the Internet knows it was only shown once until Monday when Adult Swim uploaded it to YouTube.

    I was skeptical when a friend posted the link on his Facebook because the episode was seen as a myth among fans of the series but sure enough it was real and I was ecstatic to watch it. I think itís a great episode and well worth the wait.

    Hereís the link. There is cursing but it is censored.

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    "Aww shit."

    its funny but I never watched the show as a kid due to a lack of Cable.

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