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    Ha ha! What were they thinking?!

    I'm still hoping that somehow the plastic-backed Abenas could be saved. I'm almost tempted to see if it would be possible to licence the design and production equipment from them so production can continue... But I'm sure I don't have the money... or the business nous... or the persuasive ability to get Abena to listen... Given how much online discussion I've seen about the topic, there must be a market for the original Abri-Form product line...

    I really don't know what I'll do without the plastic-backed Abenas... Anything else is just a really poor substitute... And in the time I've "turned my back" on the diaper industry, having finally found "the best"... it seems like all the other companies have switched to yucky fake-cloth backing with saggy breathable sides... Might as well quit being ABDL... The end is nigh!

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    Interesting how something so sad can become so funny for a moment ^^
    I laughed and cried at the same time. Good job.

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    I'm CopenhagenBoy's friend, who made the text (The original is from here).

    I noticed I missed a bit of the logo overlapping the first speech bubble in the 2nd panel, so here's a fixed version.
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    Brilliant comic. Too bad for the users that it's true.

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