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Thread: Being wet and not remembering you have went

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    Default Being wet and not remembering you have went

    Today I was wearing my nice soft cloth diaper all day and then it felt damp and I just figured it was from the sweat. But when I decided to feel down there, it was wet and I realized I had peed in it and I don't even remember I have went. I had probably gone and didn't realize I was wetting myself. Or I did let myself go and then I forgot about it because it's become part of my routine so I do it without thinking now. I knew I probably wet myself without thinking about it and I don't always know I am wet even with a cloth one on. So when my mother asked me the other day how many times do I pee in my cloth diaper before changing and I told her I didn't know because I don't pay any attention. I don't even remember if I was wet when we took down the Christmas tree.

    Then I decide to wet myself again and this time I knew I was doing it and I still remember I did it.

    Does this happen to anyone else? What do you think?

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    I wear my cloth one's every day now and I sometimes pee in mine and not realize it if I'm busy doing something. I don't realize I'm wet till I actually
    feel it on my backside. I wear a booster in mine and don't keep track of how many times I pee. I change though after about 7 hrs of wearing.

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    I haven't worn enough for that to happen to me yet, but it sounds nice Maybe if I go 24/7 later in life it will start to happen, but it hasn't happened to me yet at all.

    I have been able to train myself to let it go on a moments notice though. Sometimes when I'm in a diaper, I feel the urge and then I just let it go all in under a couple seconds. Never felt the wetness and then realized I was wetting though. Sounds like it's awesome.

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    I usually notice when I start to pee, but rarely notice when I stop. And I generally don't or maybe can't keep track. So I wouldn't be able to answer the question, either.

    Sometimes I wake in the morning and realize that I really soaked the diaper last night, other times that I barely wet at all. But I don't ever wet in my sleep when I'm not wearing. So I think that at least some level I'm aware when I start to pee. Which is where I would like to keep it.

    It all gets pretty routine, though, doesn't it.

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    Default Being wet and not remembering you have went

    I hardly ever feel my bladder releasing, and sometimes don't notice the warmth. So yeah, sometimes it's a real shock to know there's a full piss pillow between my legs. and with crappy Attends diapers, 3 hours between changes maximum, so...

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    I find my diaper wet all the time and usually couldn't tell you when or how many times I had gone in it... I've got fullish control (been diapered 24/7 for over 10 years...) but have myself trained to simply pee whenever the urge strikes, and it's very routine so I don't even notice... Now if only I could teach myself to pee while sleeping instead of waking up with my overfull bladder trying to kill me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacutah View Post
    Now if only I could teach myself to pee while sleeping instead of waking up with my overfull bladder trying to kill me...
    I read a method to do this a while ago. Basically what you do is drink a LOT of water right before bed each night. Drink enough so you're body will wake up in the night with the urge to pee. Then just simple let it go in the diaper and go back to sleep. At first it will seem pointless because you will be fully awake and consciously peeing in your diaper. After time though, you will have gotten used to it and only your groggy semi-awake self will be doing the peeing. Then after a while, you won't even wake up.

    I haven't tried this, but I read about it like a year ago.

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    I think the only time this has really happened to me is when I've wet the bed/diapers while sleeping. Obviously if you're unconscious there's not a whole lot of it to remember XD

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    Default Sv: Being wet and not remembering you have went

    I have wake up some time now with a wet diaper and don't remember that I have wet it.

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