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Thread: someone already worked diapers

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    Default someone already worked diapers

    wanted to work in diapers, more attendant'm afraid of getting caught as I do

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    Default Re: someone already worked diapers

    You're over worried. The chances of getting caught aren't high. As long as you're not advertising the fact that you're wearing diapers, you really have nothing to worry about.

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    You need to supply more info on what you do, what type of clothing/uniform you wear to work, what type of diaper you would like to wear, etc. Then a lot of us here with experience would be better equipped to give you pointers on discreetly wearing to work.

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    I wear diaper to work all the time, I also wear a onesie over the diaper so that no one can see the diaper and the onesie does not come untucked

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    i wear to work every day how would anyone know unless my pants fell off no no one will know and its fun !!

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    I wear diapers to work every day I go to work. I've done it for years. If you don't take your clothes off at work, no one should be able to tell you have a diaper on.

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    i wear diapers to work from time to time. no one can realy tell that i'm wearing them. the first time maybe a little scary, after you get use to it.
    relax and enjoy it

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    I wear to work everyday. I wear jeans and my work shirt. You can't tell I have one one. I have changed in the restroom too and no one is ever in there when I change. I throw the diaper in the trash on my janitor cart or in the restroom and get it the next day when I clean the restroom again.

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    I wear to work a lot as well, no one will know. Sometimes, I wear tights over mine to keep them dose and comfy! If someone is looking that close, somebody else may have an issue!

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