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Thread: Earliest Memory That Didn't Involve Diapers.

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    Default Earliest Memory That Didn't Involve Diapers.

    Unlike many other ab's, my earliest memory of regressing did not involve diapers at all. I remember being about 6 or so and finding a crib mobile in my basement. I took it out of a box and clipped it onto the headboard of my bed. I listened to it before bed every night for a couple of months. Unfortunately, it stopped working and I ended up putting it away. I don't recall my mom ever really thinking much about it and just let it be. I was just curious if anyone one else had their earliest memory not involve diapers. What was/were it/they and what happened? Thanks

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    I remember staying with my aunti, she had a crib in the spare room in which I slepted in (I slepted in a bed), I always wanted to sleep in it while I stayed their.

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    Hi kidoos, I have always worn the diapers, so as far as wanting to regress I have never really thought about when or how that might have started, but I do remember a time when we as a family whent to my ant and uncles house for dinner and they put me in a highchair to eat I was seven and it made me feel so much like a baby and I thought the it was awsome but I never let them know that he he giggle giggle

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    I remember my bedroom in a house that I didn't live in past the age of three. I have a distinct memory of my mother bringing me water once in the middle of the night in a plastic measuring cup. I have some other memories of that house as well. No diaper memories at all for me. The only real diaper memory I have is my mother realizing my sister (13 months younger) didn't have any clean underwear and going into the closet where the diapers were to get one to put on her instead. That one sort of stuck with me.

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    the food coloring incedent!
    was out of diapers, (though still wanting them) mom gave me a bath, but I didn't want it to end, ran downstairs after the bath, climbed up to the cabinets and doused myself with 4 different colors of food coloring!
    Mom was Pissed!, I got my second bath!

    or maybe it was the time I stuck a hairpin in the electrical outlet whilst standing in a wet bathroom sinK! (pre GCFI breakers)

    Christmas Day 1974, I had just turned 3 a month before, Dad went all out, I remember the train set, the decorations and fake snow on and around the tree, wondering what the white stuff was about (never seen snow before, and not really for another year later) and definitely remember spending time that morning just contemplating my navel.

    Pooped in the pool?

    I remember all of this between the ages of 3 and 4

    I also have a memory from shortly before my birth (not much to see or do or really understand, but the memory is there) mom woke me up while sunning on the beach when she was about 8 months pregnant with me, it was the light that woke me. I asked her if she was ever at the beach when she was late in term with me, she confirmed it, about a month before.

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    I remember a lot of my 1st birthday, I remember sitting in a pushchair crawling around on floor and being picked up by various family members also getting my 2nd teddy after my 1st being called fluffy, 2nd was called Charlie that both still cuddles me to this day, also I remember going to be weighed at doctors and being given a wollipop
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    Ummm a block like 2 minutes of a block

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    My first memory was when I was four. It was my birthday and my mom and grandma were at a table. They gave me elmo keychains, no idea where they are anymore. That was just a couple weeks before I moved to Texas. All of my other memories from childhood are here in Texas

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